Bionaturis (ticker BNT-MAB), an international reference company developing biological drugs, has just acquired the San Sebastian-based company BBD BIOPHENIX S.L (BBD), a leader in state-of-the-art screening systems for drug discovery. With this acquisition Bionaturis incorporates cutting-edge biotech assets to its organic growth, in this case, related to the use of zebra fish models for early determination of drug pharmacological profiles.

BBD is an international leader in the field of using the zebra fish model for drug toxicity and efficacy tests applying the latest technologies such as image analysis and automation. This alternative model improves the cost/effectiveness of preclinical phase for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, petrochemical, agrochemical, and cosmetic companies. BBD has a wide portfolio of big pharma clients, from United States and Europe.

About the acquisition, Victor Infante –Bionaturis´ CEO- states: “This acquisition is important to the growth of Bionaturis, improving its services and clients portfolio at international level, but above all, it means to add talent on board. The intrinsic talent of BBD is a reference of leadership and result-achievement”.

Arantza Muriana, R & D Director and founding partner of BBD BioPhenix comments on the operation: “It will help us meet the goals of market diversification and international expansion marked by the company”. She also highlights the important synergies between the two companies.


Victor Infante, with BBD's managers, after signing the contract

Victor Infante, with BBD’s managers, after signing the contract

Strategic value

It´s a strategic acquisition for Bionaturis to support its growth and international expansion, at the time that contributes to its vision of facilitating industry the drug development process. With this operation, Bionaturis extends its international presence and multinational customers portfolio. For BBD, which will keep its headquarters in San Sebastian, it also represents a great opportunity for the fulfillment of its expansion and diversification plan.



BBD BioPhenix is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that aims to help customers worldwide developing tailor-made solutions to maximize productivity and minimize risks in their R+D process, integrating zebrafish animal model with the most innovative tools. The company is located in Guipuzkoa Technological Park, in San Sebastian, where it has a zebrafish facility for housing up to 20,000 adults, including different transgenic and mutant lines that allow developing general and organ-specific toxicity and efficacy assays.