Bionaturis Group recently attended the 10th Anniversary commemorative event of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, which is quickly becoming one of the most important business investment events in the Animal Health world. The Global Sales Manager of Bionaturis Group, Eli Kehrli, joined the forum, which gathered 500 experts from this sector.

The Kansas City Corridor Investment Forum is an opportunity for experts in the field to gather ideas for future discussions about key market drivers, identifying the needs of the Investment and Development companies, and to present the newest technologies which will impact the sector in the years to come.  During the Kansas City Investment forum, Mr. Kehrli confirmed the business opportunities for the Bionaturis Group as a result of its capacity to offer alternative products for key diseases in the sector which currently have either an ineffective solution or lack a therapeutic altogether.

In addition to the market intelligence gathered, Bionaturis also focused on improving its current collaborations with key strategic partners in the US and abroad. “Bionaturis Group’s investment in Animal Health is clear and increasingly impactful. The proof of that is the expansion of the products for livestock, poultry, fishfarming and companion animals that we are developing, as well as the implementation of our international strategy in this sector and our presence in worldwide events as this one”, stated Mr. Kehrli.

Mr. Kehrli said, “as Bionaturis continues to build out its portfolio of biologics using innovative technology and a novel platform, it’s clear that we are better positioned each day to be the partner of choice in the Animal Health Sector. Our business model allows flexibility for our partners and increases our ability to provide value along multiple insertion points in the value chain.”

About Bionaturis Group

The Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in the vaccines research, Bionaturis Group closed last exercise with an increase of sales of 73% and a positive EBITDA of 29% compared to the previous year. The biotechnological Group which envisages a global access to health is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (ticker BNT).