Bionaturis, the Spanish biotech company, is planning acquisitions and joint ventures, CEO and majority shareholder Victor Infante said. Infante also said that although the company is already in talks with possible targets, it is interested in receiving approaches from advisers with identified targets.

The executive said that the company is analysing the market in-house; and that it is seeking consolidated businesses related to the pharma and cosmetics sectors, but always connected to biotech. “We are planning to invest up EUR 0.5m in the first acquisition and if everything goes well we could study more deals,” he said.

Infante said that these acquisitions are related to Bionaturis’ Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) business whereby the company manufactures drugs for third parties.

The executive explained that Bionaturis seeks local partners which are able to manufacture drugs, which have good knowledge of regulatory frameworks, and which have a strong sales channel. Bionaturis found the Brazil and Chile partners using in-house resources, Infante said, but added that for the future joint ventures he is interested in receiving approaches.

Bionaturis listed on the Spanish alternative stock market (MAB) in January 2012, Infante explained. He himself still owns a 59% stake and has a five year lock-up period. Bionaturis worked with KPMG as financial advisor and with Bankia as book-runner.

Asked about a possible corporate movement or a merger, the executive said that a lot of corporate deals are happening in the sector and although the company has not foreseen a merger in its business plan, if an opportunity were to arise it would be studied.

“Corporate movement in the sector is there; so saying no to something before knowing it, it is not logical,” Infante said. He added that Bionaturis might go to a deal if such were to respect Bionaturis’ mission, which is focused on making complex drugs affordable.

Infante said that the main reason to be listed was about increasing Bionaturis’ exposure and marketing efforts, more than about raising financial resources. The company gained EUR 1m in the listing. Infante said that big laboratories have a better view of listed companies.

R&D profile

Bionaturis is a biotech company which manufactures biological drugs that can be affordable for everybody, Infante said. The company uses its proprietary FLYLIFE platform, a Plug&Play system for producing tailor-made biologics at industrial scale, according to the company’s website. The platform involves expressing large scale recombinant proteins in a high-versatile system, which is based on caterpillars as mini-disposable biofactories using a Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) technology.

Infante said that the company is researching oral vaccines for fish farming and it is registering the patents.

Interview with Víctor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis, for The Mergermarket