The Andean country was affected in 2007 by one of the worst crises in the sector by ISA virus, causing a significant damage to its economic potential. Today, aquaculture companies have adopted new measures and still looking for cost-effective preventive solutions. In this sense, the International Workshop on “Immunology, diagnostic and therapies against infectious agents in the salmon industry” took place in Puerto Varas (21-22 march).

Renowned international experts have focused their attention on the major pathogens affecting the farmed fish: such as ISA virus (and more recently, Caligus pathogens). The assistants have agreed to step up cooperation in the key areas against infectious agents in Chile’s salmon farming industry, which today produces 840.000 tons.

Bionaturis, represented by Ph.D. Ana de las Heras has much to contribute to this endeavor, being an international reference on oral vaccines to be used in fish farming. The company shared their exclusive patented system, Flylife that was applauded by the experts. Bionaturis, with their proprietary formulations of oral-administrated vaccines, has proven to be ready to tackle effectively the challenges of this industry and to offer real solutions to the producers.