Last April the 10th, the “Universidad Loyola de Andalucia” became the scene of a enriching discussion on successful practices of business model based on innovation.

« Corporacion Tecnologica de Andalucia (CTA) » organized the Technical Committee «Successful cases of business innovation in Andalusia » to share the experience and benefits of the business strategy envisaged by companies such as Wellness Telecom, Indra, Endesa, Caja Rural del Sur, Cosentino, Abengoa Solar NT, and Bionaturis. Any of these enterprises share a common feature: the culture of innovation. In a highly competitive market, to face up the ever-changing global environment, the innovation is used as a differentiation element that enables a sustainable competitive advantage. In this way, Victor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis described how the innovation is part of the DNA of the company: “while preserving the core, we stimulate the progress throughout innovation”.

Could you imagine a world with a fairer access to state-of-the-art drugs? Nowadays, 90% of worldwide expenditure on health research and development is devoted to the problems that primarily affect the 10% of the world’s population. Our endeavor is to balance this gap, using proprietary technology such as FLYLIFE©.

“We adapt early-stage biological drug leads, many of them obtained from academia, to the market specific requirements dictated by large pharmaceutical and veterinarian corporations”

Víctor Infante, Consejero Delegado Bionaturis. Comité Técnico, Universidad Loyola. Foto cedida por CTA.

Víctor Infante,CEO at Bionaturis. Technical Committee, Universidad Loyola de Andalucia. Photo courtesy of CTA.

Infante added: « Thus, we close the innovation chain, adding value to assets developed in public scientific groups but at the same time bringing real solutions to the market. FLYLIFE© makes possible that these high-performance drugs reach more patients and producers around the world».