Bionaturis debates about the potentiality of the Biotech sector in Andalusia

Bionaturis is one of the participating companies in the ‘Sessions of Innovative Public Procurement: a development opportunity and business for the Biotech Sector in Andalusia’, organized by Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA, in Spanish) and BioAndalucia Association. Bionaturis CEO and president, Victor Infante, will represent the company in this forum to discuss about ‘The Biotech Sector Abilities in Andalusia’, along with the companies Biomedal and NeuronBio.

The relevance of Biotechnology in Andalusia is remarkable high considering that this autonomous community has been leading the foundation of new biotech companies in Spain for five years, according to Asebio. At the international level, its role is also outstanding because, as Extenda has pointed out, Andalusia is the fifth Spanish community in exporting biotech products with 614 million Euros in 2015. Another sign of its importance is that six Andalusian companies took part in the latest edition of the Bio International Convention, held last June in San Francisco, being Bionaturis among them. (Please, click here for further information about that)

With the main goal of identifying the key issues of this kind of Innovative Public Procurement and analyzing how the autonomous, national and European legal tools could contribute to it, these sessions gathers experts from public institutions, companies and research institutions. These sessions, mainly practical, will be held in Seville on July 5th.

For further information about the conference, please click here

About Bionaturis Group

Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in vaccines research, the biotechnological Group which envisions a global access to health is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (ticker BNT). Bionaturis Group has four companies (Bionaturis, Biobide, ZIP Solutions and BNT Pacific) and two subsidiaries (Biobide […]

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Bionaturis Group shows its premium solutions for human and animal health to the Bio International Convention 2016

The Bio International Convention 2016 once again will be an essential meeting point in the Bionaturis Group schedule. This event, considered the most important in the biotech sector worldwide, will be held on 6-9th of June in San Francisco (California).

Bionaturis Group is present at the Bio Convention 2016 after a year in which it has strengthened its positioning in the US market after the signing of a contract between Biobide and the US National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEHS), one of the most prestigious and demanding health institutions in the world. Biobide, the Bionaturis Group company that are experts in the use of the zebrafish model, also founded a subsidiary in Maryland in the same year.

In addition, Bionaturis will also highlight at the Bio Convention 2016 the new premium solutions in its portfolio which includes six new developments, five of which are for animal health.  These new developments point to several high-relevance diseases in livestock and pets, such as atopic dermatitis, osteoarthritis (or arthrosis) and different types of cancer. The global Animal Health sector represented an annual figure of $100 billion in 2014. In this area, drugs and vaccines reach until $23 billion (USD) with a CAGR of 6% for 2013-2017.

Bionaturis Group delegates in this edition are the chief scientific officer in Bionaturis, Juan J. Infante, the general Manager of Biobide, Andoni Cruz, and the Global Sales Manager in Bionaturis Group, Eli Kehrli. Biobide’s booth is in the Biobosque Region, inside the Spanish Pavillion (Booth 605). The applications of one-to-one meetings with Bionaturis Group delegates can be arranged emailing to

Consolidation and new contacts

The main goals of Bionaturis Group in this worldwide event are focused on the consolidation and monitoring of current customers and […]

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Bionaturis Group growth, in the MedCap Forum

Bionaturis Group takes part one more year in the Small and Medium-Size Companies Forum -MedCap-, on May 31st and June 1st in Madrid.

Bionaturis Group CEO, Victor Infante, is the person in charge of presenting the latest milestones achieved by the company, among with we can highlight the establishment of the subsidiary BNT China Biosciences in China, the signing of a contract with the US National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEHS) and the recent acquisition of the company ZIP Solutions, that has signed a co-development and exclusive license agreement with a leading multinational company for the final development and market of Splittera® technology.

Thanks to these latest operations, Bionaturis Group continues positioning as a reference company in its area, through its four companies and two subsidiaries with presence in Europe, USA and Asia. The Group offers premium services and products for human and animal health.

In this edition of the MedCap Forum, Bionaturis Group takes part in both ‘One to One’ meetings and the Discovery Meeting, with a lecturer in the afternoon on May, 31st, available here.

About the MedCap

The 11nd MEDCAP Forum gathers the main Small and Medium Size Companies listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange Market as well as institutional investors, brokers and financial analysts. The program includes both sectorial and general round tables, as well as the possibility of holding ‘One to One’ meetings. The main goal of the event is to stimulate the liquidity and founding of these companies.

About Bionaturis Group

Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in vaccines research, the biotechnological Group which envisions a global access to health is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (ticker BNT). In addition to this […]

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Biobide strengthens its participation in international events

The schedule of Biobide scientists this spring is taken by very relevant international events in the sector. This week, the company acquired by Bionaturis Group and specialized in the use of zebrafish as animal model, presents two scientific posters in the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Europe 26th Annual Meeting, 22-26 May 2016, at La Cite in Nantes, France.  Biobide also participates in the conference Measuring Behaviour 2016, hold in Dublin, with the research about the relationship between stress and exposure to light in this animal model.

R&D Management Director at Biobide, Arantza Muriana, will lead the presentation in SETAC 2016 of the posters titled ‘Testing toxicity of graphene oxide in zebrafish embryos’ and ‘Toxicity Profiling of Flame Retardants in Zebrafish’, both using zebrafish as animal model for varied toxicity and efficacy assays. The first one addresses the study of toxicity of graphene oxide, a very common material to produce goods used in our daily life, while the second one tackles the study of teratogenicity (possibilities of malformation in the development of the fetus in pregnant women), cardiotoxicity, hepatotoxicity and behavioral alterations in some flame retardants compounds found in everyday household products, to which people are regularly exposed. 

In addition to the presentation of these posters, Arantza Muriana and the Study Director, Virginia Caballero, will respond the large number of applications for one-to-one meetings in this event, considered the most important one in this specialized area in Europe. More than 2,000 scientists from 60 different countries will attend this event addressing relevant topics such as the climate change and contaminants or the production of cosmetics, among others.

Behaviour analysis

At the same time, Biobide takes part this week in the conference Measuring Behaviour 2016, considered the main […]

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Bionaturis takes part in the Innovation Forum of La Rioja

Bionaturis chief scientific officer, Dr. Juan Jose Infante, will participate as one of the lecturers in La Rioja’s Innovation Forum. The meeting will be celebrated in the Exhibition and Conference Center of La Rioja the next May 17-18th. Dr. Infante will be lecturing in the ‘Talk Show’ entitled “Bioeconomy and Agro-Food Sector” along with other three experts in this area.

Juan Jose Infante is Phd at Sciences and combines his work leading the development of biological products in Bionaturis with teaching Biotechnology in the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville. He joined Bionaturis in 2007, after a period as senior scientist in the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. In Bionaturis, Dr. Infante has been the principal investigator in the laboratory that developed Bionaturis’ proprietary FLYLIFE platform for manufacturing of biological medicines.

In the previous nine editions, this event has gathered 300 lecturers and more than 7,500 attendants. In this year’s edition, it will address key topics such as alliances of strategic sectors of the Bioeconomy like Food and Agriculture, the reduction of the environmental impact of companies, and potentiation of food control and safety procedures.

Dr. Infante will represent Bionaturis Group, including the matrix company Bionaturis and Biobide and ZIP Solutions. As a general topic, Dr. Infante will address the contribution of the biotech companies in the consolidation of Bioeconomy as a key sector of development. Regarding the Agro-Food, he will review the experience of Bionaturis in developing bio-based innovative solutions for increasing livestock productivity by using preventive measures and immunomodulators, which will lead to a decrease in the use of antibiotics in this sector. Antibiotic resistance has become a serious global health problem. According to the World Health Organization, this situation causes 300,000 deaths every […]

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Bionaturis Group attends In-Cosmetics in Paris

Biobide, part of Bionaturis Group, is attending this week the European edition of the most relevant event on the Cosmetic sector worldwide: In-Cosmetics, hold in Paris on April, 12-14th. In addition, Biobide will have its own booth for the first time: B62.
R&D Management Director of Biobide, Arantza Muriana; and the Study Director, Virginia Caballero, are the delegates of Bionaturis Group in this forum that gathers more than 800 companies from 40 different countries during three hard-working days. Biobide has already arranged several high-level meetings with other exhibitors and visitors. In the latest edition, more than 8,000 people from 100 different nationalities visited this international event.
Besides its use in pharmaceutical, chemical and nutraceutical sectors, the versatility of the zebrafish lets Biobide to diversify to other sectors, such as cosmetic one. In particular, the company offers services of toxicity and efficacy assays, such as whitening/depigmenting efficacy, regeneration, angiogenesis inhibition and others, for the evaluation of cosmetic ingredients or final products. 
About Bionaturis Group
BBD BioPhenix-Biobide was incorporated into Bionaturis Group – which offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health- in 2014. Considered an international benchmark in vaccines research, the biotechnological Group which envisions a global access to health is listed on the stock exchange (ticker BNT).

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Biobide coordinates a course on zebrafish in the international annual conference of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) in New Orleans

Biobide (part of Bionaturis Group) participates in the most relevant scientific event devoted to toxicology and toxicity in the world, SOT and TOX Expo, held from 13rd March in New Orleans (USA). The participation of the company, which has grown in the latest meetings, includes the coordination of a course on zebrafish, the display of two scientific posters and the presence in the exhibition area with their own booth (number #1128).
The R&D Management Director at Biobide, Arantza Muriana, along with Mamta Behl from the NIH-NIEHS, is in charge of coordinating the course titled ‘Zebrafish As a Tool in Toxicology and Drug Discovery Screening’, held on March 13rd. The academic program, in which six experts will take part, aims to provide insight on the current developments in the use of zebrafish in the field of toxicology and drug safety and efficacy assessment, highlighting some ongoing challenges in the field. Specifically, Arantza Muriana will teach the chapter devoted to ‘Innovative Zebrafish Hepatotoxicity, Cardiotoxicity, and Neurobehavioral Toxicity Assays for Drug Selection”.
In addition to this course, Celia Quevedo, Study Director of Biobide will present on the 16th of March two scientific posters -number #1927 and #3299- with the collaboration of the company Stemina and the NIH-NIEHS, respectively. Both posters, which are included in the section titled Developmental Toxicology (Non Rodent)’, address the versatility of zebrafish to analyze toxicity, safety and efficacy of compounds.
“Our outstanding participation in such a relevant international congress as the SOT shows our expertise and confirms our position as partners of choice in the zebrafish sector worldwide”, Arantza Muriana has stated. Some months ago, Biobide set up a subsidiary in the USA, in the State of Maryland, and, recently they have signed a contract with […]

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Bionaturis Group will attend the European Animal Health Investment Forum in London

Bionaturis Group (ticker BNT), a partner of reference for animal health products development, has announced that Mr Victor Infante, CEO of the group, will attend the European Animal Health Investment Forum, held in London. This event, considered one of the most important ones in Europe in Animal Health, will be celebrated next February, 10-11th. The event features networking opportunities with high-profile attendess including investors, c-level excecutives from both multinational and emerging companies, academia, etc..

The matrix company of the Group, Bionaturis, is positioned as a partner of choice for outstanding developments of animal health products, including biological vaccines and drugs, medical feed additives, cosmeceuticals for pets, among others.

About Bionaturis

Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in animal health products development, the biotechnological Group that envisions a global access to health is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (ticker BNT).

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Bionaturis Group takes part in the North America SETAC Meeting, in Utah

Delegates of Bionaturis Group are attending this week the North American Meeting of the Environmental Toxicology Society (SETAC), held in Salt Lake City (Utah). This international event gathers more than 1,900 scientists, assessors, regulators and managers from 40 different countries to analyze the new issues in the sector through more than 1,600 presentations in only a week.

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Bionaturis Group attends the international CPHI Worldwide 2015 event

Juan Jose Infante – Bionaturis CSO- and Andoni Cruz – BBD BioPhenix (Biobide) General Manager- attended the international CPHI Worldwide event, held in Madrid this week. Bionaturis Group delegates have been part of the 36,000 professionals from 135 different countries that gather this event, being considered a premier one within the pharmaceutical sector.

For three days Bionaturis Group delegates are met potential partners and customers that have shown their interest in the products and services offered by the Group.

Bionaturis Group has recently unveiled six new biotech products to its portfolio, five of them for animal health, a sector that represents a $100 billion global annual worldwide market.

Here you are further information published about the CPhI 2015

Global Angels Foundation at CPhI 2015


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