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Bionaturis signs a convertible loan with BTC diez investment fund

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Two out of every three fish dishes will come from aquaculture in 2030

Aquaculture production is currently growing and will continue to do so in the coming years due to a substantial increase in demand. “According to the report ‘ fishing up to 2030: prospects for fishing and aquaculture”, released by the World Bank, the United Nations Organization for food and Agriculture (FAO) and the International Research Institute on food policies (IFPRI), two out of every three fish dishes in 2030 will come from aquaculture. In that year, It´s expected Asia – including Southeast Asia, China and Japan – to represent 70% of the global consumption of fish.

According to the study, both fishing and aquaculture are two important sources of employment and resources for developing countries. However, the diseases affecting aquaculture crop species are one of the main challenges and threats of the sector. To overcome that, Bionaturis works in preventive solutions such as oral vaccines intended to fight the most devastating salmon diseases. The company is also integrated in the European Targetfish project, dedicated to the research and development of preventive solutions for aquaculture, involving 30 partners from 13 different countries.

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“SMEs are the beginning of the future”

At January the 21st , the President of Bionaturis, Professor and PhD Juan Jose Almagro Garcia, addressed to the company employees in an informative and motivational speech to share his lines about the socioeconomic context we have, where we are going to and the role of Bionaturis, and of the technological SMEs in general, on it.

During the speech, Professor Almagro pointed out how the corporate principles in which the Bionaturis is based –such as integrity, transparency, commitment, effort, innovation, leadership, training and willingness of service- are in line with those that the society of the XXI century is demanding. “We are living a change of era, not an era of changes”, “SMEs are the beginning of the future”, “facing to a global crisis of distrust, the society believes in the nearest: SMEs”, “in times of global lies, telling the truth is revolutionary” are some of the quotes used by Juan Jose Almagro during his speech.

The staff of Bionaturis shared opinions with the President and they opened up an interesting debate in which PhD Almagro stressed the importance of the corporate culture and the turning point the company is living within its process of growth and international expansion. “work with professionalism, effort, integrity, and decency”, demanded Almagro. He took the opportunity to spread his Decalogue about the executive role within a company. In this post we share the first rule and we will be including the following ones in coming newsletter issues:

1.- “If you have the capacity, accept the responsibility voluntarily and with integrity”

Professor and PhD Juan Jose Almagro is a lawyer, PhD in Work Sciences, columnist and writer. After a long executive experience in MAPFRE and nowadays as a member of MAPFRE Board of […]

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Bionaturis turns two years on the MAB: 3, 2, 1… ready to take off!

It is just two years ago that Bionaturis started quoting on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB). On 26th January, 2012; the managers of the company began the new age ringing the bell at the opening session of its quotation. Since then, Bionaturis has had an exponential growth and the future prospects can’t be better, as our general manager, Javier Gallastegui, states.

-How do you remember the IPO process and Bionaturis’ opening day at MAB?

-My arrival at the company was in a key moment because I started to work at Bionaturis very little time before trading at the MAB, so, the process was already ongoing. About that day, I remember moments of great happiness, with emotion and pride shared with our team, which was there all together. We realized how well-known people both in the industry and the financial sector, among them my closest guests, looked with admiration at such an important milestone we were achieving.  Among them Emilio Moraleda, who joined our Board of Directors shortly after that.

-What has the MAB provided to Bionaturis’ development these two years?

-Apart from the logical contribution as source of capital income, for our development and current position being a transparent trading company for the lens of our multinational customers, our investors and the stock market is very important. The experience and the balance, according to facts and results, can’t be more positive: the company market cap has more than doubled since then and so our multinational clients and product portfolio as well. The future is bright ahead of us.

-How do you describe the current situation of Bionaturis on the MAB?

-With a great strength, and as it’s usual to say in these cases, I am not the person who […]

Bionaturis contributes in the MAB’s take off year

2013 will go down into history of the recently founded Alternative Spanish Stock Market (MAB) as the year in which it confirmed its take off increasing the trading volume by five fold. According to statistics published by BME, it has reached 279 million € in volume and 87 million of stock transactions.

The 23 companies listed on the MAB –among them, Bionaturis- have raised 45 million euros in the market, +12% from 2012. Last year, there were 13 capital increases and the number of trades increased by eight fold. The overall market capitalization at the end of 2013 reached 1.677 million euros, three times more than in the previous year.

The specialized media Cinco días claims Carbures as the company that has registered the top performance in the past year with 710% increase. It has been followed by other companies, accounting Gowex (nearly 500%), Ebios (148%) and Bionaturis itself, ended up the year with a global 110% rise.

2014 for the MAB has begun in an encouraging way in their first sessions, while companies are willing to continue breaking records.

2014, Year of Biotechnology in Spain

The biotech sector has one more reason to begin the new year with energy and eagerness, considering that 2014 has been quoted by the Spanish Government as the Year of Biotechnology. The Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists, along with the Spanish Society of Biotechnology (SEbiot), the Spanish Society of Microbiology (SEM), and the Spanish Association of Bio Enterprises (Asebio), have been the boosters of this initiative, which involves an important support for the industry and its professionals. In their words, the goal of this year is “not only continue encouraging the Spanish Biotech in all its sides, both research and industrial, but also improving its teaching and social concern. It’s about summing up, putting Biotech in the centre of society”.

Among the main goals of this commemoration, we have to highlight fostering Biotech research in Spain, the improvement of its teaching and dissemination, and the rise of the cooperation between the public and private sector in this field.

According to statistics from the Asebio annual report, the number of biotech companies grew more than 70% in 2011. Cataluña, Madrid and Adalucía –where Bionaturis is located- are the regions gathering more companies in this sector. The OECD ranked Spain in 2012 as the second country of the European Union with a bigger number of biotech companies.

Bionaturis congratulates the initiative and will support this commemoration, forecasting a great year for the global sector in which fostering R+D will have a key role.

At the begining of the new year, let’s go over the main events for Bionaturis during 2013

As it was forecasted in the business plan, 2013 has been full of activity for Bionaturis, with a much than positive balance in a key area for our business model: the relationship with multinational companies. Thus, during last year Bionaturis has released the signing of three contracts with important veterinarian multinational companies to test its vaccines, such as the one intended to prevent the most devastating diseases of salmons, or the unique vaccine that fight helmints infections in livestock. These agreements have confirmed its position as a global supplier of biological vaccines.

This remarkable position was endorsed in September with the organization, along with “Corporation Tecnologica de Andalucia”, of the Biotech Technical Committee. The event, gathering managers of large laboratories and international experts in the field, was part of the Flylife’s gala day, a manufacturing facility showing one of the highest ratio of biological product production by square meter currently in the market.

In the institutional side, we also highlight that the prestigious Forbes magazine in its last March edition named our CEO, Victor Infante, as one of the 25 young businessmen in Spain to be tracked. Later, in October, he was invited to the extraordinary executive committee of the “Confederation Empresarios de Cadiz”, being chaired by in this special occasion by His Royal Highness Prince Felipe de Asturias, where Infante explained to the attendees the principles, mission and vision of Bionaturis.

2013 has also brought striking news for our investors, ending up the year with a +110% of the annual share price and a remarkable increase of the daily trading volume. That situation has led the BNT-MAB titles to be included in different proposals of investment portfolios for 2014 and it is considered one of the […]

The MAB attracts investors

In the last months, the MAB has been experimenting important progress on key indicators that experts have described as one of its weaknesses since the beginning of this stock market: the lack of liquidity. Two main values have contributed to change that trend in the past year: Carbures and Gowex, reaching daily trade volumes bigger than many companies of the Ibex Small Cap. Recently, other companies such as Ebioss, Ibercom or Bionaturis itself have joined the trend, with a significant increase of its trading volume.

In that way, in the specific case of Bionaturis, the trading volume has growth 1000% during the month of November, reaching at the same time its peak quotation of € 5.80 last 3rd of December, which means a revaluation of 163% since its IPO back in January 2012.

These promising figures means the growing interest of the investor community in the MAB and forecast an outstanding 2014 for the Spanish Alternative Stock Market.

Bionaturis celebrates the Entrepeneur’s Day

Bionaturis CEO, Victor Infante, will take part next 13rd December in the eighth edition of ‘Entrepreneur´s Day’ in Andalusia, a meeting for entrepreneurs, business owners and institutions related to business sector that will be hold in Hotel Renacimiento, in Seville. With the slogan ‘Time to undertake a project’, these sessions intend to put in value the people who had a business idea and have developed it successfully.

“The roadmap of the growth: from the lab to the stock market” is the title of the speech that Bionaturis founder will deliver at 12.00 pm within the topic area on business internationalization. Bionaturis, company born in 2005 and located in the Agro-industrial Scientific and Technological Park of Jerez (PCTA), is trading at the Spanish MAB (ticker BNT).

There are some new features in this 2013 edition. Among them, we point out the organization of “one-to-one” meetings between entrepreneurs, the networking area and the entrepreneur’s showcase, where some entrepreneurs will show their products to the public. At the same time, this meeting will be the host of the first Andalucia Emprende Award ceremony.

A veterinarian multinational company will test the Bionaturis vaccine against nematodes in livestock

Bionaturis (BNT-MAB), an international reference company developing biological vaccines, has signed a contract with a multinational veterinarian company that will test the efficacy and safety of a vaccine to prevent livestock to be infected by intestinal nematodes -helminthes-. This agreement endorses Bionaturis strategic position as a supplier of vaccines for the veterinarian industry.

These gastrointestinal parasites cause annual losses of 3,000 million Euros in the livestock industry. To combat their effects, companies are using chemical endoparasticides that gradually lose efficacy due to growing phenomena of resistance. For this reason among others, governments and sectorial organizations are recommending a reduction of their use. In preliminary in-vivo tests, Bionaturis vaccine has shown superb protection against the types of helminthes that cause more problems and phenomena of resistance in the field. This product, encoded by the company as BNT004, is a first-in-class preventive treatment, and it could become a real and safe option against the most serious cases of resistance.

Efficacy higher than 65% in mice and lamb trials

BNT004 has already been tested in mice and lamb trials, showing protection values higher than 65%, in all cases, about the reduction of the number of parasites in vaccinated animals versus control. Besides, the vaccine is 100% safe and the treated animals did not show any symptomatology. As outstanding outcome for the livestock industry, challenged and vaccinated animals did not show a loss of weight versus control animals, whereas the challenged un-vaccinated animals did.

BNT004 is protected by a patent application of University of Granada (UGR), active in the main traditional veterinarian markets, out-licensed exclusively to Bionaturis back in 2012. Next trials will be made in the multinational company facilities and they will be finished in the first semester of 2014.

Javier Gallestegui, […]

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