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Bionaturis will host next CTA Biotech committee in September

The “gaditana” biotechnology company Bionaturis (ticker BNT) will host next September 11th the Biotech CTA committee titled “Second generation vaccines: human and animal health applications”.

The event will bring together worldwide references in the field, from both scientific and industrial sides, along with the committee members. There will be an unique opportunity to discuss about the last breakthroughs, trends and new challenges of the new generation vaccines and its key role in the present and future of the world health.

The event is only for CTA members (


Bionaturis CSO, Dr Juan Infante, delivered a speech in the framework of the International Congress BAC2013, entitled “New generation biofactories for a global access to health”. During the Conference, which featured the illustrious presence of the 2009 Nobel Prize of medicine, Professor Jack William Szostak, Infante reviewed the world current situation of biological drugs, with a global market worth of more than 100 USD billion, and the identified gaps to be covered for a more rational and fair use of them.

The CSO of the biotech company, quoted on stock exchange (ticker BNT), highlighted how technological platforms and business models as proposed by Bionaturis enable to meet those needs and make possible cutting-edge drugs to reach more people and producers around the world. After the speech, an interesting Q&A took place, with an active participation of the laureate Professor Szostak.

Regarding the event motto, organized by the Association of Spanish young biotechnologists,  Dr Infante stressed: “young biotech professionals have to ask themselves why there are technologies that reach all corners of the world and yet red biotechnology is still unable to stop TB or improve animal production where it is needed. If these remedies exist in research centers, why don´t they reach the end user? We need to encourage young people to undertake new business models that facilitate these innovations to reach the market.”

Access to the whole presentation of Dr Infante here Bionaturis BAC2013

Bionaturis signs agreement with a multinational animal health company

Through the material transfer agreement –MTA- the veterinarian company will test a vaccine produced by the Bionaturis´ FLYLIFE.
It is a strategic milestone of the Spanish Biotech company for the development and achievement of its business plan.
The agreement involves an exclusive out-license option for the big laboratory and give access to Bionaturis to an international market of large numbers.

Bionaturis (BNT-MAB) has signed a strategic Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with a multinational veterinarian company to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a vaccine produced by means of Flylife system. The multinational will execute in vivo exploratory trials of the vaccine over the intended animal of protection. The agreement also includes options of exclusive in-licensing rights for the veterinarian company.
According to Victor Infante -CEO of Bionaturis- statements “this contract represents a major milestone for out-licensing our current portfolio (BNTs) as well as our Flylife system. The confidence of multinational partners is key to our business model. This agreement is a strategic step for our growth and we will announce other similar in the forthcoming months.”

"To invest in Bionaturis is to invest in life" 9th Forum MedCap.

The ninth edition of the Medcap Forum has brought together 70 mid-cap companies listed in Spanish stock exchange markets. The main protagonists were SMEs which as claimed Jesús González Nieto, market development Director of BME, “have given more joys lately than the largest companies of the Ibex 35″. They have been two intense days hosted in “Palacio de la Bolsa – Madrid”. The aim, through transparency, has been to bring these companies to investors to boost their liquidity and funding capacity. Bionaturis, represented by its CEO, Victor Infante, participated actively in the One-to-One meetings with investors, as well as a roundtable dedicated specifically to biotechnology companies that are most representative of the MAB. Along Bionaturis, INKEMIA, AB-BIOTICS, MEDCOM TECH and NEURON, took part on this interesting panel with the financial MAB analyst specialist Juan Sainz de los Terreros as chairman. According to Victor Infante words, “we are fighting as equals with companies that have a much greater economic support. This fact is not overlooked by large laboratories that value our creativity and great capacity for innovation in a highly changing world”

On the attractiveness of investing in Bionaturis Infante said “in the end, behind every decision, behind every investor there are people and people seek above all getting feelings. What better feeling that to invest in life and achieve profitability by knowing you are contributing to more people and producers in the world have access to the best performance drugs. That means investing in Bionaturis”. “I´d like to congratulate the BME Organization Committee and its effort to improve the visibility of the MAB companies, the present and future of the Spanish new productive model “, stated Victor Infante on the Medcap Forum (#ForoMedCap).

Bionaturis summits a new patent application

The new patent intends to protect a new antimicrobial peptide, Garvicin A, which has shown high specificity against lactococcosis.
Lactococcosis is an emerging disease caused by bacteria, which affects several fish species and causes important economic losses in the aquaculture sector, among others.
The pathogen, having the greater economic impact in the farming trout, affects not just Spain but also other countries of the Mediterranean Basin.
The bacteria have been also isolated from human clinical episodes associated with severe infections and even septicemia.
The new antimicrobial compound can be used to combat the current problems of resistance and specificity facing the industry.

Bionaturis -BNT-MAB-, a leading global company in biological drugs development, and the Complutense University -Madrid- (UCM), have summited a joint patent application intended to protect a new antimicrobial peptide, Garvicin A. The invention provides a new compound and its corresponding formulations to be used as a high-specific antimicrobial product against Lactococcus garvieae, a pathogen bacteria affecting industrial sectors such as the dairy industry or trout fish farming, causing important economic losses annually.
 The novel peptide, not described so far, has shown promising specific in-vitro antibacterial activity. “The use of this unique bacteriocin could lead to a real alternative solution to prevent and treat lactococcosis, meaning a great saving to affected producers”, stated Alicia Gibello, main researcher at UCM.
Javier Gallastegui, the company’s managing director added: “we have chosen this product because its specificity, being able to use it to prevent and treat lactococcosis in living organisms without affecting the natural biota balance of the body. Besides, it’s an alternative over conventional antibiotics where the problem of resistance is an issue of major concerns of global health authorities”. Thus, the biotech company adds a new product to its portfolio of […]

BIONATURIS clears the 2012 bar

The company increased its turnover figures and workforce in 2012.
The management team was able to smooth the impact of one time Stock Exchange listing expenses improving net result by 675 k € vs. the submitted original Business Plan.

In a year hit by a serious economic recession, Bionaturis (BNT-MAB) showed consistent growth, improving its results and creating jobs.
 The biotechnology company closed a successful year 2012 marked by important relevant facts like start trading at the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB) in January and the launch in September of a new dermocosmetic business Line (BNT Dermocosmetics). Audited statements show an increase in its sales figures and total income vs. 2011, plus a considerable improvement in yearly net result of 675 k € compared to expectations presented at the Market in January 2012 (DIIM Business Plan).
 As Victor Infante, Bionaturis CEO, mentions, “If I would have to highlight something in 2012 above anything else I would choose our remarkable management capabilities. I refer to being able to smoothen the impact of starting trading in the Stock Market while putting together a new business line. It has been a great piece of a challenge. Our Strategic Plan for Growth has become a tangible reality”.
In its BNT PRODUCTS core business, Bionaturis keeps accomplishing important steps enriching its pipeline and patent portfolio. In this sense, the company has become a reference in oral fish vaccine development for aquaculture as a member of the European Targetfish International consortium and maintains fruitful activities towards licensing at least one vaccine development candidate during the period 2013-2015.
 Regarding its BNT-CDMO business line, the company´s R&D services division, the number of contracts with International corporations and private institutions have increased considerably in line with the pharmaceutical and […]

FORBES echoes Bionaturis business potential

The renowned U.S. magazine FORBES (that launched its Spanish version last March) has spotlighted its April Issue on young Spanish talents, including Victor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis.

The prestigious finance journal, known worldwide by The World’s Richest People list, is an inspiration for new entrepreneurs. In this way, the published list has highlighted the pioneering way of Bionaturis for making research and development of biological drugs. Besides, it has emphasized the Infante’s business and research combination skills. A successful conciliation of elements that Forbes stresses with the trading of the company in the Spanish MAB.

Jerez, business leadership to attract investors

Cortijo de Ducha welcomed the conference “Jerez, a city of opportunities”, gathering the cream of the financial sector of the “Jerez campiña”. Bionaturis and Carbures, represented by Javier Gallastegui and Carlos Guillén respectively, were invited as two companies successfully implemented in the city, being notorial examples of innovative business model.
In this way, the City of Jerez is positioned as an attractive business environment for entrepreneur activity in the province and elsewhere. A total of 180 attendees were invited to share best practices and experiences to successful entrepreneurship, including joint initiatives between companies.
Sectors as Agro-industrial, Tourism and Technological Innovation were in the spotlight during the conference. Among other speakers, the former sector was represented by Bionaturis, established as a spin-off of the University of Cadiz in 2005, and trading at the Spanish MAB for SMEs seven years later (ticker BNT),. Since then, and thanks to intensive innovation, the company pursues its vision of a “Global access to health”. “Our proprietary FLYLIFE system makes our manufacturing facilities in Jerez de la Frontera reach one of the highest producing capacities of biological drugs in Spain”, stated Javier Gallastegui, manager director of the company.

Bionaturis shed light on the oral vaccines for fish farming in Chile

The Andean country was affected in 2007 by one of the worst crises in the sector by ISA virus, causing a significant damage to its economic potential. Today, aquaculture companies have adopted new measures and still looking for cost-effective preventive solutions. In this sense, the International Workshop on “Immunology, diagnostic and therapies against infectious agents in the salmon industry” took place in Puerto Varas (21-22 march).
Renowned international experts have focused their attention on the major pathogens affecting the farmed fish: such as ISA virus (and more recently, Caligus pathogens). The assistants have agreed to step up cooperation in the key areas against infectious agents in Chile’s salmon farming industry, which today produces 840.000 tons.
Bionaturis, represented by Ph.D. Ana de las Heras has much to contribute to this endeavor, being an international reference on oral vaccines to be used in fish farming. The company shared their exclusive patented system, Flylife that was applauded by the experts. Bionaturis, with their proprietary formulations of oral-administrated vaccines, has proven to be ready to tackle effectively the challenges of this industry and to offer real solutions to the producers.

BIONATURIS will deliver a speech on oral vaccines for aquaculture in Chile

As an international reference on oral vaccines to be used in fish farmings, Bionaturis has been invited by Austral University of Chile and FONDEF to give an oral communication within the workshop titled “Diagnostic, Immunology and Therapies against infectious diseases affecting the salmon industry”. The workshop will be held between 21-22 March at Puerto Varas (Chile). Bionaturis expert in this field, Dra Ana de las Heras, will talk about the results and solutions on oral-administered vaccines the public-owned company is working on and how they could be applied to the salmon industry. Along Dra De las Heras, key industry leaders of the Chilean salmon sector will take part on this event.

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