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BIONATURIS will take part at FORO TRANSFIERE (Malaga)

Bionaturis technological requests will be part of the partnering event at FORO TRANSFIERE (Malaga), the second European Forum for technological innovation to be held on February 13-14 at the capital of the Costa del Sol. Bionaturis is actively looking for both new recombinant leads suitable to be used as commercial vaccines in animal health arena and products/services for recombinant protein expression, validated at industrial scale. Follow the event highlights using the hashtag #TRANSFIERE

Bionaturis starts work on oral fish farm vaccine

A Spanish biotech firm is starting up a new project to develop better vaccination programs in fish farms to protect against livestock diseases. Bionaturis is running the project, together with Cadiz University’s department of chemical engineering, food technology and environmental sciences, and the Andalusian Aquaculture Technological Centre Foundation.

“We will develop vaccines and other types of treatment to be administered orally in a safe and efficient way for some of the main pathogens that currently affect aquaculture,” said Ana de las Heras, who will supervise the project.

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    Bionaturis to tackle the protection of fish farms with oral vaccines

Bionaturis to tackle the protection of fish farms with oral vaccines

Aquaculture is a booming national industry. The total turnover in Spain alone stands at nearly 500 million euros, where Andalusia with 55 million euros accounts for 11% 
The AQUAFLY project, based on the Bionaturis FLYLIFE production system, will be deployed in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Food Technology and Environmental Sciences, at the Science Faculty of Cadiz University; and CTAQUA (Andalusian Aquaculture Technological Centre Foundation).
Ana de las Heras from Bionaturis, who holds a PhD in Veterinary Science, is the Project leader, an initiative that will last 3 years and is co-funded by Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA).

Jerez de la Frontera, 21 December 2012. Bionaturis, a biotechnological company listing  on the Spanish Alternative Investment Market (MAB), has embarked on the Aquafly project in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Food Technology and Environmental Sciences, at the Science Faculty of Cadiz University; and CTAQUA (Andalusian Aquaculture Technological Centre Foundation).  The project aims to research more efficient vaccination alternatives for farmed fish..
Oral vaccines, a breakthrough for the sector
The idea for the project emerged from the Bionaturis internal aquaculture R&D team after analysing the sector’s needs in the meetings recently held between  international and national producers and veterinary companies. The technical goal is to design  and develop new oral therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines, based on the cutting-edge FLYLIFE production system  (using insect larva as bioreactors to produce biological drugs), which can be used more safety and efficiently to protect against major diseases that currently affect aquaculture. The research programme, which will run for three years, is led by Ana de las Heras, a Bionaturis scientific researcher with a PhD in Veterinary Sciences. This project is being cofunded by Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA).
Importance of the industry: […]

Bionaturis joins the “Targetfish” project

Targetfish:  key European project underway to improve aquaculture vaccines

This project mainly seeks to develop new vaccines for aquaculture, with a focus on the species and fighting against the diseases with the greatest economic impact in the European Union.

Targetfish is a biotechnological project involving 30 world-class partners from 13 different countries and with €6 million in funding.

 Bionaturis is established as one of the leading European companies in this sector. Dr. Ana de Las Heras will head the research for the scientific project at Bionaturis.


Bionaturis, a biotechnological company quoted on MAB since January, has signed up to the Targetfish project: the only major European project underway to develop aquaculture vaccines. This project, coordinated by Wageningen Universiteit (Netherland) and involving 30 world-class partners from 13 different countries, has  €6 million in funding. It will run for 5 years starting in October 2012.

Targetfish will advance the development of existing and new vaccines in order to protect such economically important species as Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, common carp, sea bass, sea bream and turbot. It will also establish a knowledge base for the rational development of next-generation fish vaccines.

Bionaturis’ researcher Ana de las Heras, who holds a PhD in Veterinary Science, will head the Targetfish project in Bionaturis. The Spanish company will use its exclusive FLYLIFE  technology to develop vaccines for the project, including its recently patented formulations for oral delivery of recombinant vaccines.

Ana de las Heras stressed the socio-economic importance of the project for the European Union: “The lack of effective preventive treatment leads to large losses in this sector. Our FLYLIFE system is perfectly in line with the technical and economic requirements currently sought by producers”.

Thanks to its participation in Targetfish, Bionaturis is positioned as one […]

Bionaturis attends IX International Congress of Veterinary Virology

-      Bionaturis, a biopharmaceutical company listing on the Spanish Alternative Market, took part in the “Vaccine antivirals and Viral Immunology“ conference inside the series of “Veterinary Virology” on September 6th.
-       This conference took place at Universidad Complutense of Madrid from September 4th-7th with the slogan: “one world, one health, one virology”.
In its 9th edition, the International Congress of Veterinary Virology was headed by Dr. Jose Manuel Sánchez-Vizcaino, president of the European Society of Veterinary Virology (ESVV). The conference gathered different topics of veterinary virology such as vaccines, zoonosis, epidemiology, new virus, etc…
Bionaturis presented “the solution for a fast and affordable access to animal health” oral comunication, where Dr. Ana de las Heras (Bionaturis’ researcher) addressed the goals, methodology, and results of Bionaturis’ cutting-edge developments for an efficient, fast and safe prevention of animal diseases.
In order to achieve these objectives, Bionaturis takes advantage of its own production platform, FLYLIFE, which combines speed, efficiency, safety and financial feasibility to develop Second Generation vaccines to prevent, monitoring and eradicate viral diseases.
By means of FLYLIFE, Bionaturis’ research team is able to produce millions of vaccine batches short after  an alert is detected. This makes FLYLIFE a perfect tool to fight pandemic episodes, among others.
Víctor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis, emphasizes in how important is the participation of Bionaturis at this international conference: “It places FLYLIFE right inside of international veterinary virology so it can be known by the most prestigious scientists around the world.”

Bionaturis at Bio Spain (19-21 September, Bilbao)

Bionaturis will attend 6th edition of the international meeting to be held in Bilbao.  BIOSPAIN 2012, one of the leading biotechnology events in Europe, will feature a trade exhibition, a partnering event, an investment forum, the BIOTEC 2012 scientific congress, top level seminars & conferences and a career fair with a well-balanced mixture of local and international private companies, universities, overseas clusters, research institutes and governmental bodies. Bionaturis has been registered into the partnering event, where you are able to submit a meeting request. Bionaturis´ delegates will be more than happy to meet you and discuss about technical and commercial cooperation. For further information of BIOSPAIN please visit

Bionaturis ends 2011 fiscal year with a positive deviation of €600,000 vs. its estimated result

Bionaturis, a biotechnological company which develops and manufactures biological products for human and veterinarian uses and  trading in the Spanish MAB Stock Market  since last January, has exceeded its forecast.

The company closed its fiscal year with a €308,000 profit with Net Sales 28% above expectations. , The Board of Directors has decided not to distribute dividends in order to increase Reserves of the company.

Bionaturis will continue developing its Business Plan based on:

Increasing relationships with International pharmaceutical and veterinarian laboratories
Positioning the company as an International reference in Rare Diseases development
Becoming an international reference in recombinant vaccines development.
Implementing their International Business plan in  main biotechnological markets.
 Increase development of breakthrough products for the pharmaceutical and the veterinarian industry.

In line with the above mentioned Plan , Bionaturis’ CEO Victor Infante said “2012 is going to be the year when we will place the company  to accomplish our mission: To position ourselves  in  International Biotechnological Markets as a reference in  development of biological medicines,  allowing everyone in the world to have a high-quality healthcare through our affordable alternative manufacturing platform”

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