And now we are going to explain briefly how to invest in Bionaturis and become part of a company with a goal that everybody, regardless of their geographic situation, condition or purchasing power, can access to quality drugs. For any doubt, we recommend you to contact our financial manager, José María Lozano, by the email, pointing out “invest in BNT”. Our team will contact you to solve any question.

The most direct way to get into the Stock Market is through the so-called market members. These agents (or brokers), specialized in the stock-exchange investment, are the only ones that can buy or sell directly in the Stock Market. Nowadays, the Madrid Stock Exchange has 52 members, 34 are brokerage firms, 9 are securities brokers and 9 are credit institutions.

The first step for an investor is to get in touch with one of these brokers, including online brokers, and open a securities account. Through this account the investor’s values portfolio will be managed (buying and selling, subscriptions, dividends, attendance to committees, etc…) At the moment of signing the open agreement of this account, the investor will have to make sure about the commissions that will be applied and the services included in their relation with the agent (type of orders, way of transmission: online, phone…) We recommend to compare conditions among brokers.

You must receive the detail of the deals, economical rights returned by your values, financial deals, composition and quarterly and annually valuation of the portfolio.

When you have the securities account opened and with enough cash, the customer will be able to command the suitable buying and selling orders. The orders must be clear and must always have some conditions: investor identification and the type of value, meaning of the order (buying or selling), period of validity, price and executive volume. If the customer doesn’t detail another thing, it will be understood that the buying and selling has to be made with the best price available in that moment in the market and that the validity of the command will extend until the end of the current session.

In this way and to avoid surprises, the most advisable is to give limited orders, that is, those proposals of buying and selling with a limited price and in a limited period of time (usually in the session of the day). The proposal of limited buying can’t be traded in a higher or lower price than the specified one. A limited command is executed immediately if there is return to that price or better. If there isn’t a return or this one isn’t enough regarding volume, the proposal or its remaining part will be in the book of commands waiting for return.

The transmission of the commands may be done in a direct way; in the office of the institution, by phone or by Internet. The last one may be the fastest, but may cause mistakes. The most advisable one, and it doesn’t take so much longer than doing it oline, is to give the command of buying and selling by phone. Compulsorily, because of security reasons, the operator is forced to record the phone conversation in which they have to point out the information that guarantees the investor identity, the stock that he wants to buy, the number of stocks and its price. Another option is to point out the amount of money that he wants to invest, then, the operator will calculate the number of stocks that he can buy with this money and at that price.


Example: Investing €1,000 euros in Bionaturis

What must we point out if we want to command a buying order of €1,000 in Bionaturis, which is valued nowadays in €6.00 per stock?

1. – Detail what we want to buy, in which market and at what price.

Bionaturis, company listed on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market, with the price of €6.00 per stock.

2. – Point out the amount to invest: €1,000

In this case, 1000/6.00: 166.66 stocks. That is, we will be able to buy 166 stocks

If you have cash, you can also command a buying order of 167 stocks because, at €6.00 each, they would cost €1,002.

3.- Confirm the order we prefer finally with a period of time limited at the end of the session.

4. – If there is a return, the trade is closed. But if there isn’t a return, you must repeat the trade another day.

Note: On the screen, the broker has the possibility to look for a value through the ticker or the name. That is, he has a search engine that will show on the screen all the values with their abbreviation (BNT) or their complete name (Bionaturis), both in national markets and international ones. Usually, the ticker of the values includes at the end an indicative referred to the market listed on.

Sometimes, the broker doesn’t offer the service of particular financial markets as, for example, the MAB. In this case, the reasonable thing is that the operator, if and when he has all the information to find the active, looks for the best possible way to execute the trade with the aim of avoiding that the customer closes his account and opens another one in a financial institution that includes that service.