Dear shareholders,

The main purpose of this post is to answer the enquiries and questions about the recently approved Capital Increase. Through the comments, in a collective and public way, specialized staff of Bionaturis Group will solve all the expressed questions.

Have access to must-read documents about the Capital Increase operation clicking below links:

Capital Increase Information (click here)

Relevant info: Increase of capital. Announcement in the BORME (Click here)

Relevant info: Agreement of the Board of Directors. Capital Increase (click here)


Find below the Capital Increase calendar

Starting the capital increase:  June 4, 2015

Negotiation period of preferential subscription rights: from 9 to 15 June (both inclusive)

Exercise period of preferential subscription rights: till July 4, 2015.

Period of discretionary assignment: July 10, 2015

Closing the capital increase: July 14, 2015


Yours faithfully

Victor Infante

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)