The unique features of FLYLIFE lead to make personalized medicine a real option. Getting a specific drug to fight a specific disease affecting a region wherever in the world is possible thanks to Bionaturis’ innovative approach. “Pathogens are changing, are mutating, different serotypes of the same bacteria are appearing and because of that, despite having vaccines, people continue getting sick and there are serious health problems in animal farms”, “in the vaccine world in particular and the health sector as a whole the time for ‘One size fits all’ is over. A disease is always slightly different in every single living organism and even it depends on the moment that affects the same organism, so it has to be the solution. It´s not hard to see efficacy rates under 60% of universal solutions in a specific region. Science and innovation are progressing a lot in this sense and more efficacy solutions are in hand but something has to change to these advances getting the patients”  Bionaturis’ CSO, Juan Jose Infante, has said.

As he explains in the following video, Bionaturis’ production platform suits the technological requirements to make cost-efficient medicines for skinny niche populations. To make it a real option and save lives, other non-technological issues have to be addressed.

Here you are the video