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    • Miriam Bastida, ZIP Solutions: “We want to grow and gain international position with Bionaturis Group”


  • Bionaturis debates about the potentiality of the Biotech sector in Andalusia

Let’s get to know…

Nuria Martinez Mas, born in Manresa, PhD at Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry by Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.



Nuria Martínez

  • -When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?
  • A doctor, but seeing blood, although it is not mine, makes me feel very nervous. Because of that I had to change my calling!
  • -What do you like the most about your job?
  • It lets me learn something new every day.
  • -What are your future challenges?
  • I would like to know more about patents. It is a very complex field and it is not my proposal becoming an expert but I think that in my current position I need more knowledge because it can influence in the commercial strategy of the company and therefore in the projects we are working on.
  • -Your favourite dish
  • I prefer simple dishes. I enjoy a lot with bread, tomato and a good iberian ham.
  • -A place
  • The National Park of Aigüestortes, in the Pyrenees.
  • -A film
  • ‘Life is beautiful’, by Roberto Benigni.
  • -A historical figure
  • Marie Curie, a guide for all the women who work in science.
  • -A book
  • Anything by Jo Nesbo, a Norwegian writer of crime novels.
  • -A song
  • ‘Al mar’, by Manel, a catalan band.
  • -What do you usually do in your free time?
  • Free time? What is that? With a one-year-old baby, I do not have much! But when it is possible, I like going with my partner to climb 3,000 metre mountains.
  • -You can’t live without…
  • The light of the sun, it is vital to have energy and good mood.
  • -How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
  • I wish it will have less inequalities and injustices.
Nuria has been working at ZIP Solutions (previously, Era Biotech) since February, 2010. Nowadays, she is working as R&D Manager.

Miriam Bastida, ZIP Solutions: “We want to
grow and gain international position with Bionaturis Group”

Bionaturis Group continues increasing its high-quality products and services offer for human and animal health in its national and international expansion signing collaboration agreements with third relevant parties, creating new subsidiaries in strategic markets and integrating new companies in its structure by M&A transactions. The latest acquisition of Bionaturis Group is Zera Intein Protein Solutions, ZIP Solutions, an international cutting-edge company well known by its industrial solutions for the expression and purification of biological products, one of the highest growing fields in the Health sector. ZIP’s General Manager, Miriam Bastida, stands out the potentialities of the company and its goals in this new stage
[...] Read more

Bionaturis debates about the potentiality of the Biotech sector in Andalusia

Bionaturis was one of the participating companies in the ‘Sessions of Innovative Public Procurement: a development opportunity and business for the Biotech Sector in Andalusia’, organized by Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA, in Spanish) and BioAndalucia Association. Bionaturis CEO and president, Victor Infante, represented the company in this forum to discuss about ‘The Biotech Sector Abilities in Andalusia’, along with the companies Biomedal and NeuronBio. With the main goal of identifying the key issues of this kind of Innovative Public Procurement and analyzing how the autonomous, national and European legal tools could contribute to it, these sessions gathered experts from public institutions, companies and research institutions [...] Read more


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