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  • Bionaturis acquires BBD BIOPHENIX S. L.
  • Bionaturis, candidate to the European Small and Midcap Awards
  • Bionaturis will attend Bio International Convention, in San Diego (June 23-26)

Let’s get to know…

Cristina Peña Guzman, 34 years old, born in Cadiz, Degree at Administration and Business Management at Cadiz University.


Cristina Peña

  • -When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?
  • A scientist, I was pretty interested in everything related to science, biology, medicine…
  • -What do you like the most about your job?
  • Above all, working in a team, but I also like accepting the responsibility of the continuous challenges that appear.
  • -What are your future challenges?
  • Carrying on learning every day and doing my best to be at the cutting edge of the needs of the company.
  • -Your favourite dish
  • I most like two: my mother’s paella and my husband’s leeks and bacon quiche. In this way none of them gets angry!
  • -A place
  • Any Central European city such as Viena or Prague.
  • -A film
  • “Shawshank Redemption”, by Frank Darabont.
  • -A historical figure
  • Gandhi.
  • -A book
  • ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  • -A song
  • It’s difficult to choose but I prefer ‘Little Wing’, by Jimi Hendrix, covered by Eric Clapton.
  • -What do you usually do in your free time?
  • I spend it with my family. I have a two-year-old son so I haven’t got time to get bored.
  • -A proposal to get rid of the crisis
  • Establishing strict limits to everything related to corruption, and encouraging new ideas and projects that will be useful to repackage and find a place in the market.
  • -How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
  • With a higher technological level and applied to improve the quality of life of everybody.
  Cristina has been working at Bionaturis since June 2013 as an Accounting technician in the Administration Department.

Bionaturis acquires BBD BIOPHENIX S.L.

Bionaturis (ticker BNT-MAB), an international reference company developing biological drugs, has just acquired the San Sebastian-based company BBD BIOPHENIX S.L (BBD), a leader in state-of-the-art screening systems for drug discovery. With this acquisition Bionaturis incorporates cutting-edge biotech assets to its organic growth, in this case, related to the use of zebra fish models for early determination of drug pharmacological profiles [...] Read more

Bionaturis, candidate to the European Small and Midcap Awards

Bionaturis is one of the candidates to the well-regarded European Small and Midcap Awards that recognizes and gives more visibility to small and medium size enterprises listing on different European financial markets. In this way it was announced by the president of Spanish Stock Markets (BME in Spanish), Antonio Zoido, during the MedCap Forum [...] Read more


Bionaturis will attend Bio international Convention, in San Diego (June 23-26)

During June 23-26, Bionaturis will take part in one of the most important bio meeting in the world: Bio International Convention, that is celebrated this year in San Diego (USA). The company, a reference in producing biological vaccines, will be in this congress along with BBD Biophenix, company recently acquired by Bionaturis as part as its expansion business plan. As Exhibitor, the company will participate at the Exhibitor Partnering event, where professionals and biotechnological institutions all over the world are more than welcome to meet our delegates. In 2013 edition, more than 5,000 business meetings were celebrated in this forum.
[...] Read more



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