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  • Bionaturis seeks solutions to antibiotic resistance
  • Ana de las Heras: “The first year of Targetfish has been very satisfying”
  • Bionaturis pushes the MAB in its rise of 2014

Let’s get to know…

Rosa María Osuna Aguilar, 37 years old, born in Llodio (Álava). PhD in Sciences at Cadiz University.


Silvia Ayllón

  • -When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?
  • The first thing I remember aswering to this question from adults was: “Mum”
  • -What do you like the most about your job?
  • The teamwork and learning from my workmates everyday.
  • -What are your future challenges?
  • Helping Bionaturis to become a visionary company.
  • -Your favourite dish
  • A large grilled steak.
  • -A place
  • The beach.
  • -A film
  • ‘Mamma Mía’.
  • -A historical figure
  • Nelson Mandela.
  • -A book
  • ‘Sophie’s world’, by Jostein Gaarder.
  • -A song
  • ‘Hoy puede ser un gran día’, by Serrat.
  • -What do you usually do in your free time?
  • Playing with my home boys, doing sports, having walks, watching movies…
  • -A proposal to get rid of the crisis
  • Removing the privileges for politicians and keeping on people with true commitment and ideas to grow up the economy.
  • -How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
  • I would like to think that it will have less inequalities, a global access to health and education.
 Rosa has been working at Bionaturis as Asistant Manager since November 2006.

Bionaturis seeks solutions
to antibiotic resistance

Bionaturis, a biotechnology company listing at the Spanish MAB, participates in the public-private consortium ADELIS, led by Laboratorios Rovi and involving, besides Bionaturis, the companies Biomedal, Vaxdyn, Althia, and research groups from Virgen del Rocio Hospital, University of Granada, University of Sevilla, University of Cadiz and, Genyo[1] as well. The project, which aims to an overall optimization of drug delivery systems, will last two years and will involve an estimated 2.6 million € global investment [...] Read more

Ana de las Heras: “The first year of Targetfish has been very satisfying”

PhD Ana de las Heras is coordinating the participation of Bionaturis in Targetfish, the European consortium that is seeking solutions to the most common diseases in aquaculture. The balance after this first year is very positive [...] Read more


Bionaturis pushes the MAB
in its rise of 2014

Bionaturis, quoting on the Spanish MAB since January 2012, is one of the companies that are contributing to the Spanish Alternative Stock Market to continue getting records in this new year. During the two months and some days sessions of 2014, the MAB has overtaken all the trading volume of 2013 –considered its take off year- with 278.67 million euros [...] Read more



Relevant Info: participation in public-private consortium R+D
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