Bionaturis Group continues increasing its high-quality products and services offer for human and animal health in its national and international expansion signing collaboration agreements with third relevant parties, creating new subsidiaries in strategic markets and integrating new companies in its structure by M&A transactions. The latest acquisition of Bionaturis Group is Zera Intein Protein Solutions, ZIP Solutions, an international cutting-edge company well known by its industrial solutions for the expression and purification of biological products, one of the highest growing fields in the Health sector. ZIP’s General Manager, Miriam Bastida, stands out the potentialities of the company and its goals in this new stage.

-What is the speciality of ZIP Solutions?

ZIP Solutions is a biotechnological company devoted to develop and commercialise innovative solutions for industrial and pharmaceutical applications. The company has an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the human and animal health industry, and offers its proprietary solutions, Zera® and Splittera, as differentiating and highly competitive tools to meet their demanding needs. These solutions, having a wide range of applications, are able to produce, for example, biological products that could turn into first in class vaccines and industrial enzymes (in the case of Zera®), also being part of effective cancer treatments as conjugated antibodies (ADCS) or the standardization of diagnosis kits (Splittera). Besides, Splittera offers a solution for an underserved need within the lucrative sector of biodrugs such as its industrial downstream purification. It is worth noting that nowadays biodrugs, with a global market of $165 billion and a double-digit growth rate, are the top runners of the rankings leading, for instance the top sales worldwide –Humira, by Abbvie, with $14 billion annual sales- or the top-five list on oncological products. Its growth continues unstoppable and our inteins are currently considered one of the faster, most precise and effective tools for the industrial purification of these biological products and so the market is responding to Splittera. Our business model is based on the commercialization of these solutions- protected by seven patent families- to provide value and differentiation to the marketplace. Our license agreements are mainly addressed to the biopharmaceutical sector, supported by its unmatched figures, but also to smaller sectors though less demanding at the regulatory level.

-What are the most recent milestones achieved by ZIP?

Without a doubt, the main one was achieved last April with the signing of a worldwide and exclusive license agreement with a leading multinational company for the final development and commercialization of Splittera for the industrial purification of biological products. This agreement includes upfront, milestones and on-sales royalty payments. It has a great relevance and ratifies the usefulness and the added value of Splittera in the biopharmaceutical sector worldwide.

-What are you expecting from this new stage in Bionaturis Group?

Being part of Bionaturis Group is highly positive for ZIP. On the one hand, the internal synergies and the organizational support let us focus on our growth and the achievement of our goals, providing us more stability as well. On the other hand, the international presence of the group is already helping us to consolidate our positioning and visibility in this field, going hand in hand to the main international events and bringing new partners and customers closer to contribute to our growth. At the technical area the alignments between our company and Bionaturis–also devoted to the production of biological products- leverage the consolidation and competitiveness of our combined offer. We are sure that together we will be stronger in the value capture endeavor  of the Group leading to a higher ROI, for both Bionaturis and ZIP. We have synergies at all levels, both at products/services and financial indicators. Thus, we face this new era convinced that there will be a fruitful integration not only for ZIP but also for Bionaturis, Biobide, BNT Pacific and the subsidiaries. The future of ZIP in Bionaturis Group looks promising.

-What are your next challenges?

We have many ahead. Growing and positioning internationally with Bionaturis Group is our overall goal, and this includes other relevant milestones, such as obtaining a higher ROI from the current offer of the company and launching new products on the market. Regarding, ZIP is conducting a relevant activity of business development, identifying the sectors in which it can make the most of it, indentifying the potential customers and working to create value through development and commercial license agreements. We aim to lead the sector of inteins worldwide as a result of the expected successful outcome of the already signed agreement for Splittera but also in the production of ADCs as state-of-the-art therapy in cancer treatments. On the other hand, in the prevention area, our main goal is to develop our own set of Zera®-based products in the field of DNA vaccines. Of course, synergies and collaborations with others companies in Bionaturis Group will have a relevant role. In conclusion, we will push actively in the direction of increasing Group sales and EBITDA, generating more value for our shareholders while offering innovative solutions for the health sector. If everything goes as planned, the most effective biodrugs that will heal our loved ones and improve their quality of life could be purified by Bionaturis Group Splittera in some years. Is it a realistic dream? We will work to make it.