One of the main features of BBD BioPhenix (Bionaturis Group) is its automated high throughput screening platform. Due to this process developed by the company, they are able to reproduce the manual process of screening in a 96-well plate format ‘in vivo’ with zebrafish embryos.

There are many advantages for using this High-Content Screening platform (HCS):

-Higher analysis capacity: it is able to test more compounds in less time.
-Higher speed: the higher analysis capacity shortens testing times, with zebrafish embryos.
-More relevant information: the automated high-content screening in zebrafish (in vivo) gives more information than in vitro screenings, because the study is based on an organism rather than on an isolated cell.

“Our system is designed to offer the best results in the assays. We have the capability of developing some of the process in an automated way which is a great advantage for the specificity, sensitivity and repeatability of the results”, the general manager of BBD BioPhenix, Andoni Cruz, has stated.

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