Bionaturis Group increased 29% EBITDA in full year 2014 results

The Spanish Biotechnological increases 152% its Net Income.
Group’s Earning before Interest and Taxes raised in 2014 386%, to reach €756.000, compared with the €156.000 registered in the past year.
Bionaturis Group reported revenue in full year 2014 soars to €3.03 million, an increase of 73% compared with last year.

Bionaturis Group, Spanish biopharmaceutical Group (ticker BNT) focusing its activity on the development of biological medicines for human and animal health, has reached in year 2014 €931.000 of EBITDA in full year 2014 results, increased of 29% compared with last year. Bionaturis Group Net Income was €1.19 million in 2014, a growth of 152 % compared to the same period of the previous year.

Furthermore, the total amount of income was €3.03 million, which means an increase of 73% compared to the last year. This increase is basically due to the rise of net sales in 116% compared to 2013.

2014 has been the first year consolidating the figures of BBD Biophenix, company specialized in advanced systems of drug discovery  acquired last May, 2014. A strategic acquisition for Bionaturis to support its growth and international expansion, at the time that contributes to its vision of facilitating industry the drug development process. With this transaction, Bionaturis extends its international presence and multinational customers portfolio, such as, Sanofi, Roche, Servier and Royal Dutch Shell Group, among others.

Performance evolution for business areas

The evolution of Bionaturis Group’s business divisions have been aligned with the foreseen. In this regard, the human and animal health area has extended throughout 2014 the collaborative developments with third parties (BNTs) and has reached important milestones as the beginning of collaboration programs in human health with two US-based biotech Companies.

Meanwhile, the CRO division (Contract Research Organization), included BBD Biophenix, […]

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At the begining of the new year, let’s go over the main events for Bionaturis during 2013

As it was forecasted in the business plan, 2013 has been full of activity for Bionaturis, with a much than positive balance in a key area for our business model: the relationship with multinational companies. Thus, during last year Bionaturis has released the signing of three contracts with important veterinarian multinational companies to test its vaccines, such as the one intended to prevent the most devastating diseases of salmons, or the unique vaccine that fight helmints infections in livestock. These agreements have confirmed its position as a global supplier of biological vaccines.

This remarkable position was endorsed in September with the organization, along with “Corporation Tecnologica de Andalucia”, of the Biotech Technical Committee. The event, gathering managers of large laboratories and international experts in the field, was part of the Flylife’s gala day, a manufacturing facility showing one of the highest ratio of biological product production by square meter currently in the market.

In the institutional side, we also highlight that the prestigious Forbes magazine in its last March edition named our CEO, Victor Infante, as one of the 25 young businessmen in Spain to be tracked. Later, in October, he was invited to the extraordinary executive committee of the “Confederation Empresarios de Cadiz”, being chaired by in this special occasion by His Royal Highness Prince Felipe de Asturias, where Infante explained to the attendees the principles, mission and vision of Bionaturis.

2013 has also brought striking news for our investors, ending up the year with a +110% of the annual share price and a remarkable increase of the daily trading volume. That situation has led the BNT-MAB titles to be included in different proposals of investment portfolios for 2014 and it is considered one of the […]

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