Bionaturis Group grows through the acquisition of the company ZIP Solutions

Zera Intein Protein Solutions (ZIP) is specialized in the development of technologies for the production of peptides and recombinant proteins for both therapeutic and industrial interest, with applications in the biotechnological, pharmaceutical, veterinary and industrial sectors.
Both parties agreed as a mandatory irrevocably condition to trigger the transaction the event of signing a co-development and license agreement between ZIP and a leading multinational company, which occurred last April, 24. Under the terms of the agreement the multinational is granted a worldwide exclusive license for the final development and market of Splittera® technology for industrial purification of biological products.

The acquisition of this company, located in Barcelona and owned by Inveready Innvierte Biotech II, is valued at 1.6 million Euros


 May 3, 2016.  Bionaturis Group continues its expansion with the acquisition of the company Zera Intein Protein Solutions (ZIP), specialized in the development of technology for the production of peptides and recombinant proteins for application in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and industrial sectors.

ZIP, founded in March 2015, inherited the main assets of Era Biotech, a company established in 2002 as a spin-off of the CSIC, in which approximately EUR 13 million were invested. ZIP, located in the Parc de Recerca in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has a three people team and a rich portfolio of seven families of patents. The company commercializes its proprietary technologies Zera® and Splittera®, which facilitates the production and purification of difficult to express biological compounds and improve the production capacity of cellular systems. ZIP is owned by Inveready Innvierte Biotech II.

The acquisition of this company increases Bionaturis Group services portfolio and contributes to the international positioning as a partner of reference for the development of biological products for both human and animal […]

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Approved the Bionaturis Group Capital Increase for a maximun of up to 579.129 new shares

The purpose is to finance the Group’s growth through the acquisition of a pharmaceutical laboratory, increasing the integration in the value chain as well as its services portfolio to third parties and the number of international clients.

After the acquisition Bionaturis Group would have a global turnover over €8 Million in the year 2016, with an EBITDA’s operating margin about 30% and employing more than 60 workers, strengthening the Group’s industrial structure.

The Company carried out another capital increase operation last April 2014 for an amount worth of €3 Million with 76% of oversubscription.

Jerez, on June 2, 2015. The Alternative Equity Market (MAB) Governing Body has approved the Document of Capital Increase (Spanish DAM) presented by Bionaturis Group in order to formalize the capital increase operation authorized by its Board of Directors last May, 14 2015. This capital increase aims to stimulate the Company’s growth process by financing the acquisition of the entire capital share of a laboratory that manufactures exclusively to third parties (Contract Manufacturing Organization).

The capital increase, that retains the preferential subscription right, involves the issue of a maximum of up to 579,129 new shares, with the same class and rights, with a par value of €0,05 per share, and a share premium of €6,95 per share. Furthermore, it was agreed to offer the new shares at a ratio of 1 new share for every eight old, free of issue expenses.

Currently the Company has a share capital of €231,651,8 consisting of 4,633,036 shares with a par value of €0,05 per share.

If the increase fully subscribes, the final share capital will be €260,608,25, divided amongst 5,212,165 shares with a par value of €0,05 each one.

The new issued shares will trade in MAB as soon as […]

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Bionaturis acquires BBD BIOPHENIX S.L.

Bionaturis (ticker BNT-MAB), an international reference company developing biological drugs, has just acquired the San Sebastian-based company BBD BIOPHENIX S.L (BBD), a leader in state-of-the-art screening systems for drug discovery. With this acquisition Bionaturis incorporates cutting-edge biotech assets to its organic growth, in this case, related to the use of zebra fish models for early determination of drug pharmacological profiles.

BBD is an international leader in the field of using the zebra fish model for drug toxicity and efficacy tests applying the latest technologies such as image analysis and automation. This alternative model improves the cost/effectiveness of preclinical phase for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, petrochemical, agrochemical, and cosmetic companies. BBD has a wide portfolio of big pharma clients, from United States and Europe.

About the acquisition, Victor Infante –Bionaturis´ CEO- states: “This acquisition is important to the growth of Bionaturis, improving its services and clients portfolio at international level, but above all, it means to add talent on board. The intrinsic talent of BBD is a reference of leadership and result-achievement”.

Arantza Muriana, R & D Director and founding partner of BBD BioPhenix comments on the operation: “It will help us meet the goals of market diversification and international expansion marked by the company”. She also highlights the important synergies between the two companies.


Strategic value

It´s a strategic acquisition for Bionaturis to support its growth and international expansion, at the time that contributes to its vision of facilitating industry the drug development process. With this operation, Bionaturis extends its international presence and multinational customers portfolio. For BBD, which will keep its headquarters in San Sebastian, it also represents a great opportunity for the fulfillment of its expansion and diversification plan.



BBD BioPhenix is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that […]

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