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Aquaculture research continues progressing with the Targetfish Project

Bionaturis Group coordinator for Targetfish Project, PhD Ana de las Heras, has recently attended the annual meeting of this European Consortium, devoted to develop and provide the industry with new solutions for the most common diseases in European aquaculture. During the event, held in Athens, Bionaturis has explained the progresses in its developments  led to some of the major aquaculture species raised in Europe.

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Bionaturis Group takes part in the European Forum for the Innovation in the Marine Bioresources

Bionaturis Group took part recently in the final event of the European Forum for the innovation in the Marine Bioresources AtlanticBlueTech Project, hold in CEEI Bahia de Cadiz. Representatives of the institutions and companies included in the project from Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland, among other countries, attended this top-level international forum.

Ana de las Heras, PhD in Veterinarian Sciences and Project Manager at Bionaturis, was the person in charge of explaining the work of the company and the advantages of our platform Flylife for the development and production of biological medicines. In addition, a group of members of Oceano XXI (Cluster do Mar in Portugal, partners of Atlantic BlueTech Project) visited Bionaturis’ facilities in Jerez to know at firsthand how the company is applying innovation in this field.

Bionaturis Group is a Spanish biopharmaceutical Group, listing in Madrid on the Alternative Stock Exchange Market (MAB) since 2012, focusing its activity on the research, development and manufacturing of cutting-edge biotechnological solutions in order to improve a global access to health for people and animals. Besides its production platform in Jerez (Spain), Bionaturis Group has other acquired company in Spain (BBD BioPhenix) and it is nowadays in the springboard of its international expansion in Asia and Latam.

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(Photos by courtesy of Oceano XXI)

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Bionaturis takes part in the annual meeting of the European project Targetfish

PhD Ana de las Heras, the person in charge of the Targetfish project within Bionaturis Group, attended the annual meeting of this European consortium intended to develop new vaccines for aquaculture.

During the meeting, held in the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona, the activities of each of the 30 partners from 13 different countries were reviewed. From Bionaturis Group, Ana de las Heras explained the advances in new vaccine formulations for trout and seabass, being developed along other partners in Targetfish.

Moreover, Targetfish is working on the research of preventive treatments for other species such as salmon, seabream and turbot. All of them the most relevant species in the aquaculture industry in Europe.

A project for excellence

Led by PhD Geert Wiegertjes (Department of Animal Sciences, Cell Biology & Immunology group from Wageningen UR), Targetfish brings together leading European research groups that are experts on the fish immune system and enterprises from the Biotech and Veterinary sectors. This project, to be concluded in the fall of 2017, is funded by the European Commission 7th Framework programme.

If you want to know more about Targetfish, please click here.

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Ana de las Heras: “The first year of Targetfish has been very satisfying”

Ph.D. Ana de las Heras is coordinating the participation of Bionaturis in Targetfish, the European consortium that is seeking solutions to the most common diseases in aquaculture. The balance after this first year is very positive.

-The research on health for aquaculture is one of the business activities in Bionaturis, what are the main milestones and where does the research head for? What are the next challenges?

Our goal is to offer innovative solutions for the prevention and control of diseases in aquaculture. We are focused on working in different and very important diseases for aquaculture, which, besides, will be useful as model for other ones. We expect to obtain soon the first results of testing new orally formulations in target species.

-In this way, Bionaturis is taking part in the European project Targetfish, that has just turned a year. What´s been the balance so far?

The first year has been very satisfying. Targetfish is a large consortium where most of the main European research groups that are working in immunology, fish pathology and aquaculture are taking part. All our effort is driven to obtain tangible solutions to the main diseases that are affecting European aquaculture. The consortium is very well-headed and there is a great commitment to achieve the set outcomes.

-Why is the research of health in aquaculture so important?

The world population is increasing and needs a first-class protein source. Aquaculture is essential to imbalance and satisfy the growing demand of aquatic products. Nowadays, aquaculture contributes nearly 50% of fish supply for human intake, and it is expected that in 2015 aquaculture will overtake the commercial fishing as main sources of fish protein. The increasing global demand of fish and shellfish, along with the limited capacity of […]

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Bionaturis will take part on a round table about Andalusian aquaculture R&D

Ana de las Heras, PhD in Veterinarian Sciences and scientist at Bionaturis, will take part on the conference called ‘R&D, an opportunity for the development of aquaculture in Andalusia’ on October 24th , organized by Ifapa (El Toruño Center) and the CAMPUS DE EXCELENCIA INTERNACIONAL DEL MAR” (CEIMAR) of Cadiz University (UCA).

Ana de las Heras will participate in the round table at 14.00 hours along with members of the companies Cupimar and Culmansur.

Check the full program and inscriptions here

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Bionaturis joins the “Targetfish” project

Targetfish:  key European project underway to improve aquaculture vaccines

This project mainly seeks to develop new vaccines for aquaculture, with a focus on the species and fighting against the diseases with the greatest economic impact in the European Union.

Targetfish is a biotechnological project involving 30 world-class partners from 13 different countries and with €6 million in funding.

 Bionaturis is established as one of the leading European companies in this sector. Dr. Ana de Las Heras will head the research for the scientific project at Bionaturis.


Bionaturis, a biotechnological company quoted on MAB since January, has signed up to the Targetfish project: the only major European project underway to develop aquaculture vaccines. This project, coordinated by Wageningen Universiteit (Netherland) and involving 30 world-class partners from 13 different countries, has  €6 million in funding. It will run for 5 years starting in October 2012.

Targetfish will advance the development of existing and new vaccines in order to protect such economically important species as Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, common carp, sea bass, sea bream and turbot. It will also establish a knowledge base for the rational development of next-generation fish vaccines.

Bionaturis’ researcher Ana de las Heras, who holds a PhD in Veterinary Science, will head the Targetfish project in Bionaturis. The Spanish company will use its exclusive FLYLIFE  technology to develop vaccines for the project, including its recently patented formulations for oral delivery of recombinant vaccines.

Ana de las Heras stressed the socio-economic importance of the project for the European Union: “The lack of effective preventive treatment leads to large losses in this sector. Our FLYLIFE system is perfectly in line with the technical and economic requirements currently sought by producers”.

Thanks to its participation in Targetfish, Bionaturis is positioned as one […]

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