Bionaturis takes part in the annual meeting of the European project Targetfish

PhD Ana de las Heras, the person in charge of the Targetfish project within Bionaturis Group, attended the annual meeting of this European consortium intended to develop new vaccines for aquaculture.

During the meeting, held in the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona, the activities of each of the 30 partners from 13 different countries were reviewed. From Bionaturis Group, Ana de las Heras explained the advances in new vaccine formulations for trout and seabass, being developed along other partners in Targetfish.

Moreover, Targetfish is working on the research of preventive treatments for other species such as salmon, seabream and turbot. All of them the most relevant species in the aquaculture industry in Europe.

A project for excellence

Led by PhD Geert Wiegertjes (Department of Animal Sciences, Cell Biology & Immunology group from Wageningen UR), Targetfish brings together leading European research groups that are experts on the fish immune system and enterprises from the Biotech and Veterinary sectors. This project, to be concluded in the fall of 2017, is funded by the European Commission 7th Framework programme.

If you want to know more about Targetfish, please click here.

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Bionaturis attends CPhI in Paris

Bionaturis’ CSO, Juan Jose Infante, will attend this week the international pharmaceutical meeting CPhI, to be held in Paris. This event gathers in each edition more than 2,000 exhibitors and 34,000 attendees from more than 140 countries all over the world, thus it is considered a must-have in your calendar of  human and animal health events.

The forum (October 7-9) is also celebrating its 25 anniversary.

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“BioSpain 2014 has confirmed our position in the sector”

The delegates of Bionaturis Group at BioSpain 2014 has confirmed its positioning in the sector. In just three days they hold 40 one-to-one meetings to bolster existing business relationships and starting new collaborations for the next future.

“The quality and fruitfully meetings hold there demonstrate that we are in the right path. There are more and more multinational companies and institutions that are interested in working with us to move forward innovative solutions to the market. The unique features of the FLYLIFE platform to develop biological drugs and the versatility of the zebrafish animal model to optimize the drug discovery process were the hot topics during the meetings. A perfect blend between innovation and international expansion with a newborn effective presence in China makes us a perfect partner of choice”, the delegates have stated.

BBD BioPhenix presentation

Besides taking part as expositor within the Bionaturis Group stand (booth B9), BBD BioPhenix  gave a speech as part of the workshop titled “Key Enabling Technologies Applied to BIO”. In particular, R&D Manager, Arantza Muriana, delivered the conference “Key Enabling Technologies, fundamental part of zebrafish based screenings”.

In total, more than 3,000 partnering meetings has been hold in this forum and the presence of national and international investors has gained special relevance this edition. Check the highlights at #BioSpain2014.



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Bionaturis holds the Technical Comitee of SNC-Integra project

Bionaturis has recently held the III Technical Executive Committee of the Consortium SNC_Integra, led by Laboratorios Rovi and taking part Bionaturis and other companies such as Canvax, GMV, VivaCell, Vivia Allosterics and Vivia Biotech. The project is funded by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI, in Spanish), by the public-private cooperation program for R&D initiatives, FEDER-INNTERCONECTA.

The goal of this project is obtaining, in a completely safe and efficient way, new drugs to treat pathologies related to the Central Nervous System. Its main aim is to improve the patients’ quality of life and reduce the required health care.

After the meeting, the attendees could visit FLYLIFE’s facilities.

Treatment for the Gaucher disease

As it is published on the market, the main task of Bionaturis in this consortium is to develop an oral FLYLIFE version of the human recombinant glucocerebrosidase as ERT (Enzyme Replacement Therapy) for Gaucher disease type I. The goal is to improve the patients’ life, who nowadays are receiving the enzyme by intravenous infusion.

With the FLYLIFE version of this human enzyme, Bionaturis pretends to have a superior formulation to be stable until its absorption in the intestine facilitating membrane crossing and targeting the organs where the enzyme is required -liver, spleen, bone marrow, and Central Nervous System. As it was announced in the latest annual report, Bionaturis has developed the production protocol of the own version of the enzyme, called Bentoglucerasa (BNT001), with a yield that guarantees its industrial production. Bionaturis has shown its ‘in vitro’ activity and started a preclinical research in cell and mice models.

If you want to know more details about SNC_Integra, please click here.


Emilio Moraleda: keys for a good leader

Emilio Moraleda, board member of Bionaturis, has described in a recent article one of the keys for a good leader: the capacity of constant self-demanding. For the former president of Farmaindustria and Manager Director of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in Europe, a leader should always aim to improve even more when the results are excellent. The conformity and the self-indulgence are, then, two features that a good leader must avoid under any circumstances to be always in the top.

If you want to read the complete article, please click here

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Biological drugs: a fact

Nowadays, 50% of drugs in development have a biological origin, according to Farmaindustria. They are a new generation of substances that improve the features of traditional medicines (chemically-based ones) and are intended –most of them- to fight diseases in a more specific way.

The advances in genetic knowledge and the application of new technologies to health make possible the scientific research to take important steps in this way. In fact, these compounds are already gaining ground to the traditional medicines in the worldwide market.

Chronic diseases such as the Rheumatoid Arthritis, for instance, are one of the main fields of influence of these state-of-the-art drugs that, besides, can be personalized. Other relevant field are the vaccines, very necessary to eradicate lethal diseases in humans and animals.

These are some of the advantages of biological drugs:

-They are more specific.

-Their action is usually faster.

-Their response is more time sustained.

-They improve the patient’s quality of life.

Bionaturis operates in the biological arena with the global vision of making those state-of-the-art medicines reach more and more people and producers.

If you want to know more about the advantages of biological drugs, please click in these links

What are biologics? Questions and answers

How drugs and biologics differ?

European Medicine Agency: main guidelines about biologics

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By FLYLIFE vaccines against diseases as Ebola could be manufactured

Bionaturis (ticker BNT) scientists have analyzed the situation on protection against this disease which, unfortunately, is on the news in recent weeks. Based on the antigenic capacity in murine models of the glycoprotein of the Ebola virus capside (S1090, Journal of Infection Diseases, 2011:204 – Suppl. 3-, Tsuda et to the), Bionaturis team could develop a recombinant vaccine in its FLYLIFE system. Bionaturis would follow similar strategies already successfully used for other vaccine developments based on this type of protein within the company.

According to Dr Juan Jose Infante, CSO of the company, “there are data showing that, properly presented, this antigen may confer protection against the Ebola virus in healthy patients. Bionaturis has the track record and necessary knowledge in recombinant antigen presentation to pursue a high rate of success. On the other hand, unlike other options being considered, such as the use of an attenuated virus to carry this protein, a recombinant vaccine strategy would be much more safer during the production and handeling and would have less uncertainty regarding safety in healthy vaccinated humans. In the event of a successful development using FLYLIFE, thanks to its features, Bionaturis could release batches of million doses within four weeks upon order receipt. Dealing with any emergency the population at risk would be protected, guaranteeing total safety for the rest”.

Bionaturis scientists estimate that within a maximum of 24 months it would be viable to deliver experimental doses of a hipothetical  new vaccine, with proven safety and efficacy tested in animal models and ready to be tested in primates and humans, or to be used in cases of emergency as the occurred in the last month. Bionaturis´team is evaluating the possibilities of development of this vaccine along with its commercial and technological […]

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August Newsletter

If you want to know Bionaturis’ latest news, here you are our August Newsletter


Bionaturis’ vaccine against Visceral Canine Leishmaniasis, preventive and therapeutic
Andoni Cruz, BBD BioPhenix: “This new stage with Bionaturis is a big opportunity to grow in international markets”
Biotechnology strengthens its position in Spain

Let’s get to know…

Olaia Holgado Lozano, 31 years old, born in Donostia-San Sebastian, Degree in Environmental Sciences by the Basque Country University.


-When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?
Any occupation that let me help people, none in particular.
-What do you like the most about your job?
The workmates and the good work environment we enjoy.
-What are your future challenges?
Improving constantly our process and optmizing new essays with the zebrafish as an animal model.
-Your favourite dish
Potatoes omelette with courgette.
-A place
El Paseo Nuevo, in San Sebastian.
-A film
“Life is beatiful”, by Roberto Benigni.
-A historical figure
Pope John Paul II.
-A book
“I am a star”, by Inge Auerbacher.
-A song
‘Ironic’, by Alaniss Morissette.
-What do you usually do in your free time?
Enjoying my family.
-You can’t live without….
My family.
-How do you imagine the world in 20 years?
With more sensitivity to the human problems.

  She has been working as Lab Technician, Facility and Quality in BBD BioPhenix (acquired by Bionaturis) since February, 2007.

Bionaturis’ vaccine against Visceral Canine Leishmaniasis, preventive and therapeutic

Bionaturis continues the development of BNT005, a vaccine against Visceral Canine Leishmaniasis, a disease that affects dogs and is spread in Mediterranean countries as Spain, being registered an increasing rate of zoonosis (when an animal disease infects humans) lately. The visceral one is the most serious type of Leishmaniasis and it can be lethal if it is not treated well. It is caused by the parasites Leishmania and transmitted by the bite of […]

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Bionaturis’ vaccine against Visceral Canine Leishmaniasis, preventive and therapeutic

Bionaturis continues the development of BNT005, a vaccine against Visceral Canine Leishmaniasis, a disease that affects dogs and is spread in Mediterranean countries as Spain, being registered an increasing rate of zoonosis (when an animal disease infects humans) lately. The visceral one is the most serious type of Leishmaniasis and it can be lethal if it is not treated well. It is caused by the parasites Leishmania and transmitted by the bite of the phlebotomine sandfly that acts as a vector.

Nowadays there is not any vaccine already in the market to prevent or treat humans against this disease, being its development a priority of the World Health Organization (WHO). The current treatment with antiparasitics has undesirable side effects and it causes the outbreak of resistance phenomena in the parasite. However, for dogs there are few options approved in Europe and LATAM, that claim themselves as prophylactic but not therapeutic.

Dogs among rabbits are the main reservoir of Leishmaniasis. Because of that, its control is essential to avoid the spread of this disease in humans (zoonosis). “A vaccine against canine Leishmaniasis has a double goal. Firstly, in the animals, which will be protected or can be treated against a disease that is fatal in a high percentage of cases. And, secondly, in humans, who will have less possibilities of suffering the disease if their pets do not have the parasite or they have them under control”, Bionaturis’ CSO, Juan Jose Infante, has stated.

Tests in rodents and Beagle dogs

Infante has also stood out that “the difference between BNT005 by Bionaturis and others vaccine attempts to fight this disease is that the preliminary results obtained and published in the last annual management report show that Bionaturis’ vaccine induces […]

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Andoni Cruz, BBD BioPhenix: “This new stage with Bionaturis is a big opportunity to grow in international markets”

Bionaturis acquired last May the company BBD BioPhenix, a leader in state-of-the-art screening systems for drug discovery. Its general manager, Andoni Cruz, highlights the main values of the company and the challenges they are facing from now on after this movement with Bionaturis.

-What is the outstanding value of BBD?

BBD is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that uses the zebra fish as animal model for drug screening. Comparing  to other alternatives using this model we can talk about eight years of cumulative experience. One of our main features that makes us different from the competition is the orientation to tailor-made assays to fulfill the specific requirements of our customers, from different sectors such as the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, agrochemical, cosmetics and nutraceutical industries, always needed of customized solutions. Moreover, BBD is one of the first zebra fish CRO that is working under GLPs (Good Laboratory Practices) and our track record working with multinational companies is a great presentation card.

-How are you facing this new period with Bionaturis? In what values are both coinciding?

This new time ahead of us is an opportunity to grow in international markets with the solid financial and commercial support of Bionaturis. The access to the Chinese and LATAM markets, using Bionaturis current position will mean a turning point in the growing expectations of the company.

On the other hand, I stand out the high level of synergies that both companies have in their business philosophy and vision, with the recruitment and retention of talent and innovation as their rock-solid bases.  Both companies share the goal of seeking solutions to optimize the drug discovery and production processes that will make easier to people to access cutting-edge drugs with the final common goal of democratizing […]

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