Earlier this month of July was presented the annually ASEBIO report, published by the Spanish Biotechnology Companies Association, taken as a reference of the health of the sector in Spain. As conclusions, the press and specialized opinion highlighted the positive increase of the impact of biotechnology in Spanish GDP (7.15%), with an important rise since 2008 (2.98%), along with a growth of 23.7% of employment up to the 202,250 workers and a 26.5% increase in the turnover.

CEO: Without a doubt the big picture is encouraging and especially taking into account the economical context during this growth. This data should serve to ratify that the biotechnology sector is, and must be more and more, one of the driver vectors of growth in any developed country. However a deeper analysis reveals that we are still quite far from the impact that has on other reference countries. To get closer to expected by our country figures, no doubt that we need more “Grifols” and facilitate in everything, and not otherwise, to companies as Grifols can continue growing and acting as a big leader. Spanish biotechnology needs size, muscles, and big leaders that can complete the whole value chain. Each advanced country in our environment has at least one or two reference leading global companies especially in red biotechnology. Spain should launch a strategic plan to have within a reasonable timeframe at least one company among the top 15 in world sales. We have enough raw material, but we should take it as a matter of State and put in place mechanisms and appropriate measures to implement it.


However, it has also pointed out the decline in R&D investment, the first in ten years.

CEO: Well, it´s not a surprising […]