Biotechnology private investment increases

The biotech sector continues gaining relevance in the Spanish economy, according to the 2015 Asebio Report, recently published. Among the criteria that show this increasing trend, it is worth noting the private R&D investment, that has returned to growth with 3,75% (533.8 million Euros in 2014) after two consecutive years of downturn. This tendency contrasts to the needs of this sector, that requires an increase of the public economic aids for R&D in order to recuperate, at least, the previous levels to 2008.

“The figures of the report confirm that the biotech sector is a cornerstone in the Spanish economy. The growth in the R&D private investment points out that the companies have made a great effort to continue developing and innovating despite the numerous problems. These figures are endorsed internationally by the latest Ernst&Young Report – Beyond Borders- that shows how the global biotech sector reached a record figure of funding until 62,000 million Euros in 2015”, Bionaturis CEO, Victor Infante, has stated.

The invoicing volume is also very relevant considering that it has already reached 10.35% of the Spanish GDP, rubbing shoulders for the first time in the top ranking with other sectors such as Tourism. This indicator has not stopped growing up even during the crisis, period in which, precisely, it has registered a rise of more than 7%. In 2014 the sector overtook the record of 100,000 million Euros of invoicing and created 178,000 jobs (+3%).

The number of biotech companies (high-technology companies completely devoted to the sector, as Bionaturis Group) grew 13.36% in 2014. As in previous reports, the majority of these companies consider that the internationalization is very important for their growth, because of that, the 86% of the companies integrated […]

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Bionaturis debates about the potentiality of the Biotech sector in Andalusia

Bionaturis is one of the participating companies in the ‘Sessions of Innovative Public Procurement: a development opportunity and business for the Biotech Sector in Andalusia’, organized by Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA, in Spanish) and BioAndalucia Association. Bionaturis CEO and president, Victor Infante, will represent the company in this forum to discuss about ‘The Biotech Sector Abilities in Andalusia’, along with the companies Biomedal and NeuronBio.

The relevance of Biotechnology in Andalusia is remarkable high considering that this autonomous community has been leading the foundation of new biotech companies in Spain for five years, according to Asebio. At the international level, its role is also outstanding because, as Extenda has pointed out, Andalusia is the fifth Spanish community in exporting biotech products with 614 million Euros in 2015. Another sign of its importance is that six Andalusian companies took part in the latest edition of the Bio International Convention, held last June in San Francisco, being Bionaturis among them. (Please, click here for further information about that)

With the main goal of identifying the key issues of this kind of Innovative Public Procurement and analyzing how the autonomous, national and European legal tools could contribute to it, these sessions gathers experts from public institutions, companies and research institutions. These sessions, mainly practical, will be held in Seville on July 5th.

For further information about the conference, please click here

About Bionaturis Group

Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in vaccines research, the biotechnological Group which envisions a global access to health is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (ticker BNT). Bionaturis Group has four companies (Bionaturis, Biobide, ZIP Solutions and BNT Pacific) and two subsidiaries (Biobide […]

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BBD BioPhenix diversifies Biotechnology application

One of the current challenges of BBD BioPhenix (acquired by Bionaturis) is gaining position in other markets different from pharmaceutical or veterinarian ones. The versatility of its services and the high capability of its  facilities to the tailor made requirements of its customers  make BBD an essential partner in drug discovery research for other sectors such as agrochemical, petrochemical, cosmetics and nutraceutical.

“We are already working in interesting projects outside the pharmaceutical arena thanks to the suitable features of the zebra fish model for active ingredients screening and our intention is going on this track”, R&D manager Arantza Muriana, states. BBD has a zebrafish facility able to grow up to 20,000 adults, including different lines that allow developing general and organ-specific toxicity and efficacy assays. In its lab, BBD is capable of developing biological and molecular assays under robust automatization processes.

“Nowadays, biotechnology can be applied to very different sectors and its more and more presence in our daily life”, the manager adds.

In case of BBD, the regulatory framework of the main markets is becoming an ally. Besides including the use of the zebrafish as a model in the guidelines for toxicity assays in chemical, agrochemical and cosmetic products, the limitations in the use of animals models for experimental assays are increasing (in accordance to the 3-R’s Rules: Replacement, Reducement and Refinement). These new guidelines do not exclude the use of zebrafish, because it is not considered as a superior animal model in these situations as long as the assays are made with embryos aged up to five days old. In this way, the use of the zebrafish model is becoming one of the alternatives with more applications.

Find below some of the OECD Guidelines including zebrafish as an […]

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Biotechnology strengthens its position in Spain

The sales in the sector of the so-called Bioeconomy, has grown from 2.98% GDP (PIB in Spanish) in 2008 to 7.8% in 2012, according to the Asebio report, recently published. Companies stating that biotechnology is their main or only activity –among which Bionaturis is- registered an increase of 10.78% in their sales (8,800 million Euros) and 5% of rise in net employment during 2012, surpassing its own expectations for a year that it has been forecasted very complicated for Spanish economy.

According to Bionaturis’ CEO, Victor Infante, who attended the ASEBIO gala , “apart from the figures that prove that the biotech sector has performed better than others at this time of recession, I´d like to stand out some words heard today such as the need of innovation in all fields, including the relationship with public administrations, patients associations, regulatory authorities, partners at the value chain, with the main goal of seeking sustainability of the health system as a whole; or those promoting to seek talent wherever it is”.

More internationalization

85% of Asebio’s members conducted some international activity in 2013, as Bionaturis did. For the first time since this survey has been done, the associated companies consider LATAM as one of their priority market in their international strategy, specially Mexico (96.67%) and Colombia (95.83%). The European Union (93.24%), Switzerland (90.48%) and USA (88.41%) keep on having a leadership position for international operations.

During 2013, 57 companies and Spanish Organizations from the biotechnological sector (+39% regarding to 2012) signed a total of 108 international business partnerships (+42%).

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“We make possible that innovation reaches more people”

Bionaturis’ CEO and founder, Victor Infante, took part last week in the programme Emprende, by RTVE (24 hours channel), with the journalist Juanma Romero and the branding expert, Maria Millan. The manager stated during the interview: “We bring fresh air to the sector making possible that innovation in biotechnology reaches to most people”.

The business and financial strength of the company, with innovation as a cornerstone for its internationalization plan, are some of the remarkable topics in the interview: “We are making history”.

If you haven’t watch the interview yet, please click here (only in Spanish)

Emprende – 17/07/14

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Bionaturis will attend Biospain 2014

Biospain 2014 international meeting to be hold in the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela will gather professionals and reference companies of the Biotechnology sector. Bionaturis, specialized in developing and producing biological vaccines has already confirmed its attendance to this important forum next September.

Biospain, organized by Asebio, is hold every two years and it claimed itself as the largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and one of the largest in the world by the number of one-to-one meetings (2.775) and participating companies (762). The meeting will include a trade fair, a partnering event, an investment forum, plenary sessions about business trends, and scientific lectures.  BioSpain 2014 will make the most this special year named the “Year of Biotechnology” by the Spanish government.

Bionaturis´representatives would be more than happy to meet you at Biospain 2014!

For further information about the event

You can arrange a meeting with Bionaturis´representatives by the official partnering system tool of the event or send us a request to, subjecting “BioSpain 2014 meeting”. Thank you!

You can also visit us at booth B9 during the trade fair.

Bionaturis fulfilled its 3 million € increase of capital with oversubscription

Bionaturis (BNT-MAB), an international reference company developing biological vaccines, has managed to raise 3.088.687 €, 100% of the recent increase of capital offer. It´s noteworthy that there has been an oversubscription of 76% of the total new issued shares. As a result, 441.241 new shares of a nominal value of 0.05 € each, plus an issue premium of 6.95 € have been subscribed.

It´s important to note that 74% of the final subscription has been issued by old shareholders.

After completing the process, Victor Infante, Bionaturis CEO has stated “from start to finish the whole process has surpassed our expectations. Oversubscription of 76%, the confident of old shareholders and the great potential of the new ones, even the negotiation during the pre-emptive subscription rights in the MAB have been overwhelming. On behalf of all the team we just want to say thank you for trusting in Bionaturis. This proof of confidence encourages us to implement successfully our expansion plan. We will release good news in this sense shortly.”

Purpose of the capital increase

The purpose of the capital increase is to finance the company´s internationalization plan and to undertake further investments.


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Bionaturis pushes the MAB in its rise of 2014

Bionaturis, quoting on the Spanish MAB since January 2012, is one of the companies that are contributing to the Spanish Alternative Stock Market to continue getting records in this new year. During the two months and some days sessions of 2014, the MAB has overtaken all the trading volume of 2013 –considered its take off year- with 278.67 million euros.

Bionaturis peaked its maximum ever last 26th February, reaching 11 euros. After the first two months of 2014, the company has also surpassed the whole trading volume of 2013. Nowadays, it’s one of the stock assets with more profitability and liquidity of this specific market made up of small cap enterprises looking to expand.

For this 2014, the company expects an increasing of its annual turnover in more than 400%.

The general trend in the sector, increasing

The biotechnology sector ended 2013 as the most profitable value in the stock market index with 53.96%. The trend keeps growing in the first weeks of the new year.
Opinion leaders say that it is a sector in expansion around the world with strong links in other areas such as agriculture, the environment and energy. In particular, the biotech sector presents technical and scientific conditions adequate to continue capturing investment also in Spain. This trend is having its pair in Spain, where biotech companies that are quoted on the MAB as AB BIOTICS, NEURON, 1NQUEMIA or BIONATURIS have increased their market capitalization value between 30% – 120% in recent months.

For further information, click here

2014, Year of Biotechnology in Spain

The biotech sector has one more reason to begin the new year with energy and eagerness, considering that 2014 has been quoted by the Spanish Government as the Year of Biotechnology. The Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists, along with the Spanish Society of Biotechnology (SEbiot), the Spanish Society of Microbiology (SEM), and the Spanish Association of Bio Enterprises (Asebio), have been the boosters of this initiative, which involves an important support for the industry and its professionals. In their words, the goal of this year is “not only continue encouraging the Spanish Biotech in all its sides, both research and industrial, but also improving its teaching and social concern. It’s about summing up, putting Biotech in the centre of society”.

Among the main goals of this commemoration, we have to highlight fostering Biotech research in Spain, the improvement of its teaching and dissemination, and the rise of the cooperation between the public and private sector in this field.

According to statistics from the Asebio annual report, the number of biotech companies grew more than 70% in 2011. Cataluña, Madrid and Adalucía –where Bionaturis is located- are the regions gathering more companies in this sector. The OECD ranked Spain in 2012 as the second country of the European Union with a bigger number of biotech companies.

Bionaturis congratulates the initiative and will support this commemoration, forecasting a great year for the global sector in which fostering R+D will have a key role.

Spanish Pharmaceutical industry bets on research

The Spanish pharmaceutical industry keeps betting on research with an investment of 972 million Euros in 2012. Namely, the investment reached 200 million Euros at the biotechnology sector, 20% of the total budget.

The most important allocation -479 million- was dedicated to clinical trials, most of them in clinical phase III. It must be highlighted that the expense in clinical research has increased 86% in the last nine years. 45% of the budget was dedicated to research contracts with hospitals, universities and public institutions, an activity that increased nearly 5% in 2012.

According to the data of the survey made to members of Farmaindustria, the number of R&D hiring decreased 3,6% in relation to 2011. However, the qualification of the employees is getting higher and higher: four out of five are graduates and doctors. In general figures, Spain is the fourth country in Europe in pharmaceutical workforce with nearly 40,000 jobs.

These data show that, in spite of the present economic situation and the measures of control of expenses, the pharmaceutical industry is still one of the main driving forces of  Spanish R&D. 

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