The ninth edition of the Medcap Forum has brought together 70 mid-cap companies listed in Spanish stock exchange markets. The main protagonists were SMEs which as claimed Jesús González Nieto, market development Director of BME, “have given more joys lately than the largest companies of the Ibex 35″. They have been two intense days hosted in “Palacio de la Bolsa – Madrid”. The aim, through transparency, has been to bring these companies to investors to boost their liquidity and funding capacity. Bionaturis, represented by its CEO, Victor Infante, participated actively in the One-to-One meetings with investors, as well as a roundtable dedicated specifically to biotechnology companies that are most representative of the MAB. Along Bionaturis, INKEMIA, AB-BIOTICS, MEDCOM TECH and NEURON, took part on this interesting panel with the financial MAB analyst specialist Juan Sainz de los Terreros as chairman. According to Victor Infante words, “we are fighting as equals with companies that have a much greater economic support. This fact is not overlooked by large laboratories that value our creativity and great capacity for innovation in a highly changing world”

On the attractiveness of investing in Bionaturis Infante said “in the end, behind every decision, behind every investor there are people and people seek above all getting feelings. What better feeling that to invest in life and achieve profitability by knowing you are contributing to more people and producers in the world have access to the best performance drugs. That means investing in Bionaturis”. “I´d like to congratulate the BME Organization Committee and its effort to improve the visibility of the MAB companies, the present and future of the Spanish new productive model “, stated Victor Infante on the Medcap Forum (#ForoMedCap).