Juan Juarez buys 5% of Bionaturis and Rafael Contreras increases his position

The strong Bionaturis (BNT. MC) commitment of consolidating its international growth strategy, presence and professionalization in the financial markets has become real with the appointment of Juan Juarez as a Board Member since last June, 30. As part of the operation, Juarez has acquired 5% of the biotech.

Juan Juarez, degree in Laws at Madrid University and in Economics at Madrid-ICADE, Master in Finance from the IE (Madrid) and Master in Financial Markets (Madrid Stock Exchange), besides of being part of management teams in banks and financial entities, is nowadays an executive and founding partner of companies as Privat und Handel Bank Zürich AG, Ad-Hoc Aesores EAFI SA and Juarez & Asociados –Family Office SA. Juarez is also member of the Board of Directors and financial vice-president at Carbures Group and he is considered a key person in the outstanding growth of the company of composite structures, that has already announced its goal of start quoting soon in the continuous market.

The strategic movement is completed with the increase of shareholding position by Rafael Contreras, member of the Boards of Directors of the biotech company since 2011. Rafael Contreras, in a direct and indirect way, increases his ownership up to 7,5%. Contreras is CEO at Carbures Group and is leading its outperforming international expansion.

As it has been published as Relevant Fact, Victor Infante, CEO and Bionaturis main shareholder, has reduced its participation until 43,06%, as a result of the abovementioned movement. About the operation, Victor Infante has stated: “Bionaturis gains unbeatable conditions to fulfill our growth plan. Their track record in Carbures Group has been impressive”.

The exchanged shares shall keep the original lock-up, held to CEO´s shares.


About Carbures

Carbures is an industrial technological group specialized in manufacturing […]

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Bionaturis contributes in the MAB’s take off year

2013 will go down into history of the recently founded Alternative Spanish Stock Market (MAB) as the year in which it confirmed its take off increasing the trading volume by five fold. According to statistics published by BME, it has reached 279 million € in volume and 87 million of stock transactions.

The 23 companies listed on the MAB –among them, Bionaturis- have raised 45 million euros in the market, +12% from 2012. Last year, there were 13 capital increases and the number of trades increased by eight fold. The overall market capitalization at the end of 2013 reached 1.677 million euros, three times more than in the previous year.

The specialized media Cinco días claims Carbures as the company that has registered the top performance in the past year with 710% increase. It has been followed by other companies, accounting Gowex (nearly 500%), Ebios (148%) and Bionaturis itself, ended up the year with a global 110% rise.

2014 for the MAB has begun in an encouraging way in their first sessions, while companies are willing to continue breaking records.

The MAB attracts investors

In the last months, the MAB has been experimenting important progress on key indicators that experts have described as one of its weaknesses since the beginning of this stock market: the lack of liquidity. Two main values have contributed to change that trend in the past year: Carbures and Gowex, reaching daily trade volumes bigger than many companies of the Ibex Small Cap. Recently, other companies such as Ebioss, Ibercom or Bionaturis itself have joined the trend, with a significant increase of its trading volume.

In that way, in the specific case of Bionaturis, the trading volume has growth 1000% during the month of November, reaching at the same time its peak quotation of € 5.80 last 3rd of December, which means a revaluation of 163% since its IPO back in January 2012.

These promising figures means the growing interest of the investor community in the MAB and forecast an outstanding 2014 for the Spanish Alternative Stock Market.

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