Bionaturis signs a strategic agreement for its corporate expansion in China

As part of the agreement, Bionaturis Group will establish its first subsidiary company in China in the new technological area of Changshu (Jiangsu).

The new technological and industrial area of Changshu has been the one which has relied most on hosting the Spanish biotechnological group.

Bionaturis’ system for the development of biological medicinal products, known as Flylife, will serve as a baseline for the project.

Jerez de la Frontera, July 2nd 2015. Bionaturis Group and the Administrative Committee of Changshu New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone –CNZ- (Jiangsu) – have signed a strategic agreement to host a subsidiary company of the biotechnological Spanish group, which will serve to develop and allocate biotechnological products in the Asian market.

As part of the agreement, within the park Bionaturis Group will have cutting-edge facilities in order to carry out its activities, as well as a diversity of direct incentive programs. In a first phase, facilities of 600 meters squared have been set out, which include a laboratory area and an administrative one. The laboratory area will host, among other services, Bionaturis’ biological medical production system, known as Flylife, and its capacity to develop state-of-the-art vaccines for human and animal health. In the new subsidiary company, the Spanish Group will also have a development department as well as a commercial office.

Currently, Bionaturis Group develops, at different stages, a variety of medicines intended for human health, as well as veterinary products that act or prevent habitual diseases in livestock (poultry, pigs, cattle…), farmed fish and pet animals.

Victor Infante, Chief Executive of Bionaturis Group, believes that “China is and will increasingly be one of the main markets in human and animal health. The commitment of Changshu’s authorities to host Bionaturis Group is a proof […]

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2005-2015: a decade innovating for your health

The years between 2005 and 2015 have witnessed the birth and growth of Bionaturis Group. Since its foundation as spin-off of the University of Cadiz until the start of their international expansion a few months ago, the company has enjoyed the successes and has learned from the mistakes but certainly it has put innovation at the service of science with the clear goal of providing a global access to a high-performance health.

Since its creation back in 2005 by the PhD in Sciences, Victor Infante, today CEO and chairman, there are several landmarks that stand in the path of this biopharmaceutical company born in the province of Cadiz, such as the beginning of the development of the  FLYLIFE platform in 2008, floating on the alternative stock market (MAB) in 2012, new outstanding contracts with multinational institutions for the development of vaccines and other medicines, and more recently, the beginning of international expansion with the acquisition of other companies and the implementation in other continents.

From having a single employee in 2005, the entrepreneur himself, to employ directly a staff of 30 people with an average age of 36 years of which 45% are PhDs. Every year the company has increased the value created for its shareholders and for society in general, with a steady growth in sales figures, number of jobs, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.. Currently the company has reached a market capitalization value of around 30 million €.

There are many people who in one way or another have participated in these first ten years of life and to all and each one of them we want to share this tenth anniversary. In our timeline you can recall the major milestones achieved to date by Bionaturis. […]

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Mr Robert Jones visits FLYLIFE manufacturing platform at Bionaturis Group

The Regional Commercial Counselor at the Embassy of the United States in Spain, Mr Robert Jones, has just visited Bionaturis Group in Jerez accompained by the Senior International Commercial Specialist, Helen Crowley. The President of the Camara de Comercio de Jerez, Javier Sánchez Rojas; and its General Manager, Juan Núñez; among others guests, have also participated in the visit.

Mr Jones has personally learned  Bionaturis Group’ mission and vision, which bets on applying innovation, talent and technology to offer a more equal access to cutting-edge medicines all over the world. Mr Jones –who has participated in a conference about USA ‘A market in eternal growth’, organized by the Camara de Comercio de Jerez- has visited the biological medicines production plant including  its innovative manufacturing platform named FLYLIFE. He expressed  great interest in how Bionaturis Group is able to manufacture high number of doses of the most effective medicines currently available in the market in a fast and affordable way.

Bionaturis Group is nowadays developing its international expansion, which includes physical presence in other continents and the acquisition of other companies in the Industry in order to increase its services coverage and portfolio.

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“BioSpain 2014 has confirmed our position in the sector”

The delegates of Bionaturis Group at BioSpain 2014 has confirmed its positioning in the sector. In just three days they hold 40 one-to-one meetings to bolster existing business relationships and starting new collaborations for the next future.

“The quality and fruitfully meetings hold there demonstrate that we are in the right path. There are more and more multinational companies and institutions that are interested in working with us to move forward innovative solutions to the market. The unique features of the FLYLIFE platform to develop biological drugs and the versatility of the zebrafish animal model to optimize the drug discovery process were the hot topics during the meetings. A perfect blend between innovation and international expansion with a newborn effective presence in China makes us a perfect partner of choice”, the delegates have stated.

BBD BioPhenix presentation

Besides taking part as expositor within the Bionaturis Group stand (booth B9), BBD BioPhenix  gave a speech as part of the workshop titled “Key Enabling Technologies Applied to BIO”. In particular, R&D Manager, Arantza Muriana, delivered the conference “Key Enabling Technologies, fundamental part of zebrafish based screenings”.

In total, more than 3,000 partnering meetings has been hold in this forum and the presence of national and international investors has gained special relevance this edition. Check the highlights at #BioSpain2014.



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Bionaturis holds the Technical Comitee of SNC-Integra project

Bionaturis has recently held the III Technical Executive Committee of the Consortium SNC_Integra, led by Laboratorios Rovi and taking part Bionaturis and other companies such as Canvax, GMV, VivaCell, Vivia Allosterics and Vivia Biotech. The project is funded by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI, in Spanish), by the public-private cooperation program for R&D initiatives, FEDER-INNTERCONECTA.

The goal of this project is obtaining, in a completely safe and efficient way, new drugs to treat pathologies related to the Central Nervous System. Its main aim is to improve the patients’ quality of life and reduce the required health care.

After the meeting, the attendees could visit FLYLIFE’s facilities.

Treatment for the Gaucher disease

As it is published on the market, the main task of Bionaturis in this consortium is to develop an oral FLYLIFE version of the human recombinant glucocerebrosidase as ERT (Enzyme Replacement Therapy) for Gaucher disease type I. The goal is to improve the patients’ life, who nowadays are receiving the enzyme by intravenous infusion.

With the FLYLIFE version of this human enzyme, Bionaturis pretends to have a superior formulation to be stable until its absorption in the intestine facilitating membrane crossing and targeting the organs where the enzyme is required -liver, spleen, bone marrow, and Central Nervous System. As it was announced in the latest annual report, Bionaturis has developed the production protocol of the own version of the enzyme, called Bentoglucerasa (BNT001), with a yield that guarantees its industrial production. Bionaturis has shown its ‘in vitro’ activity and started a preclinical research in cell and mice models.

If you want to know more details about SNC_Integra, please click here.


By FLYLIFE vaccines against diseases as Ebola could be manufactured

Bionaturis (ticker BNT) scientists have analyzed the situation on protection against this disease which, unfortunately, is on the news in recent weeks. Based on the antigenic capacity in murine models of the glycoprotein of the Ebola virus capside (S1090, Journal of Infection Diseases, 2011:204 – Suppl. 3-, Tsuda et to the), Bionaturis team could develop a recombinant vaccine in its FLYLIFE system. Bionaturis would follow similar strategies already successfully used for other vaccine developments based on this type of protein within the company.

According to Dr Juan Jose Infante, CSO of the company, “there are data showing that, properly presented, this antigen may confer protection against the Ebola virus in healthy patients. Bionaturis has the track record and necessary knowledge in recombinant antigen presentation to pursue a high rate of success. On the other hand, unlike other options being considered, such as the use of an attenuated virus to carry this protein, a recombinant vaccine strategy would be much more safer during the production and handeling and would have less uncertainty regarding safety in healthy vaccinated humans. In the event of a successful development using FLYLIFE, thanks to its features, Bionaturis could release batches of million doses within four weeks upon order receipt. Dealing with any emergency the population at risk would be protected, guaranteeing total safety for the rest”.

Bionaturis scientists estimate that within a maximum of 24 months it would be viable to deliver experimental doses of a hipothetical  new vaccine, with proven safety and efficacy tested in animal models and ready to be tested in primates and humans, or to be used in cases of emergency as the occurred in the last month. Bionaturis´team is evaluating the possibilities of development of this vaccine along with its commercial and technological […]

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Bionaturis develops a breakthrough drug for livestock

Bionaturis (ticker BNT-MAB), an international reference company providing biological drugs, has just signed a new collaborative agreement with a multinational company to develop a new product that meets an increasing need of the livestock industry. It is a new first-in-class drug to induce ovulation in livestock prior to artificial insemination.

According to the agreement, Bionaturis will make use of its proprietary system FLYLIFE to develop the product and will also perform efficacy and safety tests in animal models, while the multinational will validate these results in its facilities, performing field trials with the intended specie.

The agreement includes exclusive licensing option rights for the multinational company, which forecasts a minimum potential market of 20-25 USD million for this product.

Victor Infante, Bionaturis’ CEO, commented: “The goal of this collaborative development program is to enable the multinational company to replace the current standard treatment with a safe, cost-effective, scalable recombinant first-in-class solution produced by our technology.”

The new agreement represents another important milestone for Bionaturis in its goal of reaching co-development agreements with large international laboratories and standardize its FLYLIFE platform as reliable alternative system of making cutting-edge medicines.


FLYLIFE platform

FLYLIFE is a revolutionary Plug&Play platform designed to produce cost-effective biological drugs at an industrial scale.

Bionaturis offers product licenses, based on its proprietary FLYLIFE platform, providing partners full support for protein therapeutics and vaccines development. 

Juan Jose Infante: “With Bionaturis, personalized medicine is here”

The unique features of FLYLIFE lead to make personalized medicine a real option. Getting a specific drug to fight a specific disease affecting a region wherever in the world is possible thanks to Bionaturis’ innovative approach. “Pathogens are changing, are mutating, different serotypes of the same bacteria are appearing and because of that, despite having vaccines, people continue getting sick and there are serious health problems in animal farms”, “in the vaccine world in particular and the health sector as a whole the time for ‘One size fits all’ is over. A disease is always slightly different in every single living organism and even it depends on the moment that affects the same organism, so it has to be the solution. It´s not hard to see efficacy rates under 60% of universal solutions in a specific region. Science and innovation are progressing a lot in this sense and more efficacy solutions are in hand but something has to change to these advances getting the patients”  Bionaturis’ CSO, Juan Jose Infante, has said.

As he explains in the following video, Bionaturis’ production platform suits the technological requirements to make cost-efficient medicines for skinny niche populations. To make it a real option and save lives, other non-technological issues have to be addressed.

Here you are the video

Eduard Punset: “Bionaturis is able to deliver hope throughout innovation”

Bionaturis has been honored by the visit of the well-known lawyer, economist and science writer Eduard Punset, who has known at firsthand how cutting-edge biological drugs can be obtained using butterfly caterpillars as living bioreactors.

The visit has been driven by the CEO and company founder Victor Infante, as well as by the general manager, Javier Gallastegui. The president of the Consejo Social of Cadiz University, Ana Alonso; the deputy President of the Confederacion de Empresarios, José Andrés Santos; and the president of the Asociacion de la Prensa de Cadiz, Libertad Paloma, as well as other guests, have also participated in the visit. They have gone over Bionaturis’ facilities being introduced to the unique features of the FLYLIFE platform, one of the industrial-scale system of biodrug manufacturing  with a highest yield per square meter on the market and an obvious example of disruptive innovation.

Eduard Punset has pointed out the breakthrough technology used in Bionaturis, as well as the innovation environment  refreshing every corner of the company: “I have realised that Bionaturis is able to deliver hope throughout innovation”, the guest has stated. Ana Alonso, has also claimed that “companies like Bionaturis are a reference in its sector and we should be proud that they were born as a spin-off of the University. They are working for and to the world from the Cadiz province ”.

‘Let’s talk about Cadiz with’

This activity is part of the cycle ‘Let’s talk about Cadiz with’, organised by Cadiz University along with Confederacion de Empresarios and Asociacion de la Prensa of Cadiz . After knowing Bionaturis’ activity, Eduard Punset will take part at 10th April in a free-access panel unveiling his valuable vision about the potentialities of Cadiz society, the current economic […]

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VII Innovation Forum in Andalusia: Bionaturis as a successful case

Victor Infante, Bionaturis CEO, participated November 7th in the VII Innovation Forum in Andalusia, which was held at Chamber of Commerce’s facilities in Jerez (Cadiz). Bionaturis, an international reference in developing and producing biological drugs, was presented as a successful case to attendees.

Established eight years ago, Bionaturis is committed from its very beginning on innovation and thus its work in new production platforms of making biopharmaceuticals allows a more global access to them for both producers and patients. It has been listing at the Spanish MAB since January 2012 and has developed a proprietary production system –Flylife-, which allows the production of second generation vaccines using butterfly larvae.

This business forum is part of the InnoCámaras program, which seeks to foster the competitiveness of the SMEs in the region through innovation. More information of the event click here

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