Bionaturis will take part on a round table about Andalusian aquaculture R&D

Ana de las Heras, PhD in Veterinarian Sciences and scientist at Bionaturis, will take part on the conference called ‘R&D, an opportunity for the development of aquaculture in Andalusia’ on October 24th , organized by Ifapa (El Toruño Center) and the CAMPUS DE EXCELENCIA INTERNACIONAL DEL MAR” (CEIMAR) of Cadiz University (UCA).

Ana de las Heras will participate in the round table at 14.00 hours along with members of the companies Cupimar and Culmansur.

Check the full program and inscriptions here

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Ourofino visits Bionaturis Flylife platform

The Brazilian multinational Ourofino visited last week Bionaturis FLYLIFE manufacturing plant in the Agroindustrial Technological Scientific Park of Jerez (PCTA). Representatives of the Brazilian company knew the details of how FLYLIFE can produce millions of second generation vaccines, particularly suited for the veterinary sector. To date this type of vaccine have not been broadly applied matching the needs of the veterinary sector, but new manufacturing platforms make it possible. Ourofino is currently evaluating alternative production systems as FLYLIFE to achieve leadership positions within the sector.  Ourofino guests were guided by Bionaturis technical staff throughout the plant, knowing in detail the production process of biological active ingredients necessary for vaccines.

Ourofino representatives also participated in the Technical Committee of Biotechnology organized by the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA), in collaboration with Bionaturis.



Bionaturis’ FLYLIFE gala day

About thirty managers belonging to different institutions have visited Bionaturis’  FLYLIFE factory this week. The visit was part of the biotech committee of Corporacion Tecnologica of Andalusia (CTA). Reference people of the biotech sector including members of the Brazilian multinational company Ourofino or Bionaturis’ scientific advisor, professor Vikram Vakharia of Maryland University, among others, have been guided by Bionaturis’ staff to know at first hand how thousands of vaccines can be manufactured in no more than 350 square meters. The secret of Flylife is based on the use of butterfly caterpillars as natural factories to get these cutting-edge vaccines, allowing that more people and producers all over the world may have access to them.

About the visit, Javier Gallastegui -managing director of the company- claims “welcoming these personalities and friends and showing them how we take those vaccines to the world from Jerez is an honor for us”. Nowadays, several multinational companies that work in veterinarian field are evaluating vaccines produced by FLYLIFE technology, representing an outstanding milestone for Spanish Biotechnology.

Juan Jose Infante’s speech

Bionaturis, co-organizer of the committee along with CTA, took part with the conference titled ‘Second Generation Vaccines: Bionaturis’ Strategy’, in which the CSO, Juan Jose Infante, talked about the main vaccines being developed by Bionaturis so far. Infante has pointed out the relevance of the innovation in the research of vaccines and how they are key elements not only to human, but also to animal health in order to control devastating pandemics. A sustainable and more affordable manufacturing and developing process is essential to guarantee a broad access to high-benefit vaccines, something that Bionaturis gets with its platform FLYLIFE.

Corporacion Tecnologica of Andalusia (CTA) is a private foundation promoted by the […]

Vaccines: the best mankind defense

A brief overview to the history of mankind shows the importance of vaccines and, therefore, of preventive medicine research. Although other threats exist nowadays, thanks to science and the development of new manufacturing platform of vaccines as FLYLIFE of Bionaturis, the world is better prepared than ever to halt the spread of either new or the resurgence of some of the most devastating pandemic episodes in history such as the Black Death, flu or smallpox. The invaluable effort of a lot of researchers and experts has it made possible along centuries that these huge pandemics have become history.

Click here to know how it has been achieved

Bionaturis signs agreement with a multinational animal health company

Through the material transfer agreement –MTA- the veterinarian company will test a vaccine produced by the Bionaturis´ FLYLIFE.
It is a strategic milestone of the Spanish Biotech company for the development and achievement of its business plan.
The agreement involves an exclusive out-license option for the big laboratory and give access to Bionaturis to an international market of large numbers.

Bionaturis (BNT-MAB) has signed a strategic Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with a multinational veterinarian company to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a vaccine produced by means of Flylife system. The multinational will execute in vivo exploratory trials of the vaccine over the intended animal of protection. The agreement also includes options of exclusive in-licensing rights for the veterinarian company.
According to Victor Infante -CEO of Bionaturis- statements “this contract represents a major milestone for out-licensing our current portfolio (BNTs) as well as our Flylife system. The confidence of multinational partners is key to our business model. This agreement is a strategic step for our growth and we will announce other similar in the forthcoming months.”

BNT at Loyola Leadership School: « Our quest is a global access to biological drugs, using innovation as the main driver »

Last April the 10th, the “Universidad Loyola de Andalucia” became the scene of a enriching discussion on successful practices of business model based on innovation.
« Corporacion Tecnologica de Andalucia (CTA) » organized the Technical Committee «Successful cases of business innovation in Andalusia » to share the experience and benefits of the business strategy envisaged by companies such as Wellness Telecom, Indra, Endesa, Caja Rural del Sur, Cosentino, Abengoa Solar NT, and Bionaturis. Any of these enterprises share a common feature: the culture of innovation. In a highly competitive market, to face up the ever-changing global environment, the innovation is used as a differentiation element that enables a sustainable competitive advantage. In this way, Victor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis described how the innovation is part of the DNA of the company: “while preserving the core, we stimulate the progress throughout innovation”.
Could you imagine a world with a fairer access to state-of-the-art drugs? Nowadays, 90% of worldwide expenditure on health research and development is devoted to the problems that primarily affect the 10% of the world’s population. Our endeavor is to balance this gap, using proprietary technology such as FLYLIFE©.
“We adapt early-stage biological drug leads, many of them obtained from academia, to the market specific requirements dictated by large pharmaceutical and veterinarian corporations”

Infante added: « Thus, we close the innovation chain, adding value to assets developed in public scientific groups but at the same time bringing real solutions to the market. FLYLIFE© makes possible that these high-performance drugs reach more patients and producers around the world».

Jerez, business leadership to attract investors

Cortijo de Ducha welcomed the conference “Jerez, a city of opportunities”, gathering the cream of the financial sector of the “Jerez campiña”. Bionaturis and Carbures, represented by Javier Gallastegui and Carlos Guillén respectively, were invited as two companies successfully implemented in the city, being notorial examples of innovative business model.
In this way, the City of Jerez is positioned as an attractive business environment for entrepreneur activity in the province and elsewhere. A total of 180 attendees were invited to share best practices and experiences to successful entrepreneurship, including joint initiatives between companies.
Sectors as Agro-industrial, Tourism and Technological Innovation were in the spotlight during the conference. Among other speakers, the former sector was represented by Bionaturis, established as a spin-off of the University of Cadiz in 2005, and trading at the Spanish MAB for SMEs seven years later (ticker BNT),. Since then, and thanks to intensive innovation, the company pursues its vision of a “Global access to health”. “Our proprietary FLYLIFE system makes our manufacturing facilities in Jerez de la Frontera reach one of the highest producing capacities of biological drugs in Spain”, stated Javier Gallastegui, manager director of the company.

Bionaturis shed light on the oral vaccines for fish farming in Chile

The Andean country was affected in 2007 by one of the worst crises in the sector by ISA virus, causing a significant damage to its economic potential. Today, aquaculture companies have adopted new measures and still looking for cost-effective preventive solutions. In this sense, the International Workshop on “Immunology, diagnostic and therapies against infectious agents in the salmon industry” took place in Puerto Varas (21-22 march).
Renowned international experts have focused their attention on the major pathogens affecting the farmed fish: such as ISA virus (and more recently, Caligus pathogens). The assistants have agreed to step up cooperation in the key areas against infectious agents in Chile’s salmon farming industry, which today produces 840.000 tons.
Bionaturis, represented by Ph.D. Ana de las Heras has much to contribute to this endeavor, being an international reference on oral vaccines to be used in fish farming. The company shared their exclusive patented system, Flylife that was applauded by the experts. Bionaturis, with their proprietary formulations of oral-administrated vaccines, has proven to be ready to tackle effectively the challenges of this industry and to offer real solutions to the producers.

Bionaturis plans acquisitions and joint ventures, CEO says

Bionaturis, the Spanish biotech company, is planning acquisitions and joint ventures, CEO and majority shareholder Victor Infante said. Infante also said that although the company is already in talks with possible targets, it is interested in receiving approaches from advisers with identified targets.

The executive said that the company is analysing the market in-house; and that it is seeking consolidated businesses related to the pharma and cosmetics sectors, but always connected to biotech. “We are planning to invest up EUR 0.5m in the first acquisition and if everything goes well we could study more deals,” he said.

Infante said that these acquisitions are related to Bionaturis’ Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) business whereby the company manufactures drugs for third parties.

The executive explained that Bionaturis seeks local partners which are able to manufacture drugs, which have good knowledge of regulatory frameworks, and which have a strong sales channel. Bionaturis found the Brazil and Chile partners using in-house resources, Infante said, but added that for the future joint ventures he is interested in receiving approaches.

Bionaturis listed on the Spanish alternative stock market (MAB) in January 2012, Infante explained. He himself still owns a 59% stake and has a five year lock-up period. Bionaturis worked with KPMG as financial advisor and with Bankia as book-runner.

Asked about a possible corporate movement or a merger, the executive said that a lot of corporate deals are happening in the sector and although the company has not foreseen a merger in its business plan, if an opportunity were to arise it would be studied.

“Corporate movement in the sector is there; so saying no to something before knowing it, it is not logical,” Infante said. He added that Bionaturis might go to a deal if […]

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One year after bell-ringing opening day…

Time flies!! Just one year ago Bionaturis had its bell-ringing opening day at Palacio de la Bolsa (Madrid), being the second Andalusian biotech company to trade at the Spanish MAB. To pay a tribute to this amazing event for Bionaturis we would like to share with all of you an unpublished video so far, showing a different angle of that special day. Let us propose a toast to the accomplished milestones and those that are coming.  Cheers

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