2005-2015: a decade innovating for your health

The years between 2005 and 2015 have witnessed the birth and growth of Bionaturis Group. Since its foundation as spin-off of the University of Cadiz until the start of their international expansion a few months ago, the company has enjoyed the successes and has learned from the mistakes but certainly it has put innovation at the service of science with the clear goal of providing a global access to a high-performance health.

Since its creation back in 2005 by the PhD in Sciences, Victor Infante, today CEO and chairman, there are several landmarks that stand in the path of this biopharmaceutical company born in the province of Cadiz, such as the beginning of the development of the  FLYLIFE platform in 2008, floating on the alternative stock market (MAB) in 2012, new outstanding contracts with multinational institutions for the development of vaccines and other medicines, and more recently, the beginning of international expansion with the acquisition of other companies and the implementation in other continents.

From having a single employee in 2005, the entrepreneur himself, to employ directly a staff of 30 people with an average age of 36 years of which 45% are PhDs. Every year the company has increased the value created for its shareholders and for society in general, with a steady growth in sales figures, number of jobs, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.. Currently the company has reached a market capitalization value of around 30 million €.

There are many people who in one way or another have participated in these first ten years of life and to all and each one of them we want to share this tenth anniversary. In our timeline you can recall the major milestones achieved to date by Bionaturis. […]

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VII Innovation Forum in Andalusia: Bionaturis as a successful case

Victor Infante, Bionaturis CEO, participated November 7th in the VII Innovation Forum in Andalusia, which was held at Chamber of Commerce’s facilities in Jerez (Cadiz). Bionaturis, an international reference in developing and producing biological drugs, was presented as a successful case to attendees.

Established eight years ago, Bionaturis is committed from its very beginning on innovation and thus its work in new production platforms of making biopharmaceuticals allows a more global access to them for both producers and patients. It has been listing at the Spanish MAB since January 2012 and has developed a proprietary production system –Flylife-, which allows the production of second generation vaccines using butterfly larvae.

This business forum is part of the InnoCámaras program, which seeks to foster the competitiveness of the SMEs in the region through innovation. More information of the event click here

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BNT at Loyola Leadership School: « Our quest is a global access to biological drugs, using innovation as the main driver »

Last April the 10th, the “Universidad Loyola de Andalucia” became the scene of a enriching discussion on successful practices of business model based on innovation.
« Corporacion Tecnologica de Andalucia (CTA) » organized the Technical Committee «Successful cases of business innovation in Andalusia » to share the experience and benefits of the business strategy envisaged by companies such as Wellness Telecom, Indra, Endesa, Caja Rural del Sur, Cosentino, Abengoa Solar NT, and Bionaturis. Any of these enterprises share a common feature: the culture of innovation. In a highly competitive market, to face up the ever-changing global environment, the innovation is used as a differentiation element that enables a sustainable competitive advantage. In this way, Victor Infante, CEO of Bionaturis described how the innovation is part of the DNA of the company: “while preserving the core, we stimulate the progress throughout innovation”.
Could you imagine a world with a fairer access to state-of-the-art drugs? Nowadays, 90% of worldwide expenditure on health research and development is devoted to the problems that primarily affect the 10% of the world’s population. Our endeavor is to balance this gap, using proprietary technology such as FLYLIFE©.
“We adapt early-stage biological drug leads, many of them obtained from academia, to the market specific requirements dictated by large pharmaceutical and veterinarian corporations”

Infante added: « Thus, we close the innovation chain, adding value to assets developed in public scientific groups but at the same time bringing real solutions to the market. FLYLIFE© makes possible that these high-performance drugs reach more patients and producers around the world».

Jerez, business leadership to attract investors

Cortijo de Ducha welcomed the conference “Jerez, a city of opportunities”, gathering the cream of the financial sector of the “Jerez campiña”. Bionaturis and Carbures, represented by Javier Gallastegui and Carlos Guillén respectively, were invited as two companies successfully implemented in the city, being notorial examples of innovative business model.
In this way, the City of Jerez is positioned as an attractive business environment for entrepreneur activity in the province and elsewhere. A total of 180 attendees were invited to share best practices and experiences to successful entrepreneurship, including joint initiatives between companies.
Sectors as Agro-industrial, Tourism and Technological Innovation were in the spotlight during the conference. Among other speakers, the former sector was represented by Bionaturis, established as a spin-off of the University of Cadiz in 2005, and trading at the Spanish MAB for SMEs seven years later (ticker BNT),. Since then, and thanks to intensive innovation, the company pursues its vision of a “Global access to health”. “Our proprietary FLYLIFE system makes our manufacturing facilities in Jerez de la Frontera reach one of the highest producing capacities of biological drugs in Spain”, stated Javier Gallastegui, manager director of the company.

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