At the begining of the new year, let’s go over the main events for Bionaturis during 2013

As it was forecasted in the business plan, 2013 has been full of activity for Bionaturis, with a much than positive balance in a key area for our business model: the relationship with multinational companies. Thus, during last year Bionaturis has released the signing of three contracts with important veterinarian multinational companies to test its vaccines, such as the one intended to prevent the most devastating diseases of salmons, or the unique vaccine that fight helmints infections in livestock. These agreements have confirmed its position as a global supplier of biological vaccines.

This remarkable position was endorsed in September with the organization, along with “Corporation Tecnologica de Andalucia”, of the Biotech Technical Committee. The event, gathering managers of large laboratories and international experts in the field, was part of the Flylife’s gala day, a manufacturing facility showing one of the highest ratio of biological product production by square meter currently in the market.

In the institutional side, we also highlight that the prestigious Forbes magazine in its last March edition named our CEO, Victor Infante, as one of the 25 young businessmen in Spain to be tracked. Later, in October, he was invited to the extraordinary executive committee of the “Confederation Empresarios de Cadiz”, being chaired by in this special occasion by His Royal Highness Prince Felipe de Asturias, where Infante explained to the attendees the principles, mission and vision of Bionaturis.

2013 has also brought striking news for our investors, ending up the year with a +110% of the annual share price and a remarkable increase of the daily trading volume. That situation has led the BNT-MAB titles to be included in different proposals of investment portfolios for 2014 and it is considered one of the […]

The MAB attracts investors

In the last months, the MAB has been experimenting important progress on key indicators that experts have described as one of its weaknesses since the beginning of this stock market: the lack of liquidity. Two main values have contributed to change that trend in the past year: Carbures and Gowex, reaching daily trade volumes bigger than many companies of the Ibex Small Cap. Recently, other companies such as Ebioss, Ibercom or Bionaturis itself have joined the trend, with a significant increase of its trading volume.

In that way, in the specific case of Bionaturis, the trading volume has growth 1000% during the month of November, reaching at the same time its peak quotation of € 5.80 last 3rd of December, which means a revaluation of 163% since its IPO back in January 2012.

These promising figures means the growing interest of the investor community in the MAB and forecast an outstanding 2014 for the Spanish Alternative Stock Market.

Let’s check the communications sent to MAB during 2013 Q1-Q2

Bionaturis is on its second year after going public in the MAB in January 2012. Our investors can check here the communications sent to MAB during 2013 Q1-Q2.

Financial information:

Informe de Auditoría  y Cuentas Anuales Abreviadas de 2012 


General Meetings

Informe Junta 18 de junio 2013

Presentación Junta General de Socios 2013


Relevant facts

Firma de acuerdo de transferencia de material, 26 junio 2013

Acuerdos Junta General Ordinaria de Accionistas, 18 junio 2013


Binaturis solicita nuevo registro de patente

Composición del Consejo de Administración: cambio Secretario del Consejo

Adecuación plan de negocio a nueva línea BNT DERMOCOSMETICS


Business Angels getting closer to Spanish newborn companies

New Entrepreneurial Act -passed by the Spanish Congress last July- supports the figure of the ‘Business Angels’, private investors that, in group or individually, invest on the growth of a company which is usually located around them. In recent years, this way of funding has meant an important incentive for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs against the problems found nowadays in the traditional systems of bank funding.

Thanks to this new act (still to be approved by the Senate) ‘Business Angels’ will have twenty per cent tax reduction from Income Tax with a maximum discount of 50,000 Euros per year.

The extension of limited fees for self-employed and supporting measures to stimulate bank loans to companies are other measures included in the new act.

If you want to know the act in detail, please click here

"To invest in Bionaturis is to invest in life" 9th Forum MedCap.

The ninth edition of the Medcap Forum has brought together 70 mid-cap companies listed in Spanish stock exchange markets. The main protagonists were SMEs which as claimed Jesús González Nieto, market development Director of BME, “have given more joys lately than the largest companies of the Ibex 35″. They have been two intense days hosted in “Palacio de la Bolsa – Madrid”. The aim, through transparency, has been to bring these companies to investors to boost their liquidity and funding capacity. Bionaturis, represented by its CEO, Victor Infante, participated actively in the One-to-One meetings with investors, as well as a roundtable dedicated specifically to biotechnology companies that are most representative of the MAB. Along Bionaturis, INKEMIA, AB-BIOTICS, MEDCOM TECH and NEURON, took part on this interesting panel with the financial MAB analyst specialist Juan Sainz de los Terreros as chairman. According to Victor Infante words, “we are fighting as equals with companies that have a much greater economic support. This fact is not overlooked by large laboratories that value our creativity and great capacity for innovation in a highly changing world”

On the attractiveness of investing in Bionaturis Infante said “in the end, behind every decision, behind every investor there are people and people seek above all getting feelings. What better feeling that to invest in life and achieve profitability by knowing you are contributing to more people and producers in the world have access to the best performance drugs. That means investing in Bionaturis”. “I´d like to congratulate the BME Organization Committee and its effort to improve the visibility of the MAB companies, the present and future of the Spanish new productive model “, stated Victor Infante on the Medcap Forum (#ForoMedCap).

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