The MAB attracts investors

In the last months, the MAB has been experimenting important progress on key indicators that experts have described as one of its weaknesses since the beginning of this stock market: the lack of liquidity. Two main values have contributed to change that trend in the past year: Carbures and Gowex, reaching daily trade volumes bigger than many companies of the Ibex Small Cap. Recently, other companies such as Ebioss, Ibercom or Bionaturis itself have joined the trend, with a significant increase of its trading volume.

In that way, in the specific case of Bionaturis, the trading volume has growth 1000% during the month of November, reaching at the same time its peak quotation of € 5.80 last 3rd of December, which means a revaluation of 163% since its IPO back in January 2012.

These promising figures means the growing interest of the investor community in the MAB and forecast an outstanding 2014 for the Spanish Alternative Stock Market.

VII Innovation Forum in Andalusia: Bionaturis as a successful case

Victor Infante, Bionaturis CEO, participated November 7th in the VII Innovation Forum in Andalusia, which was held at Chamber of Commerce’s facilities in Jerez (Cadiz). Bionaturis, an international reference in developing and producing biological drugs, was presented as a successful case to attendees.

Established eight years ago, Bionaturis is committed from its very beginning on innovation and thus its work in new production platforms of making biopharmaceuticals allows a more global access to them for both producers and patients. It has been listing at the Spanish MAB since January 2012 and has developed a proprietary production system –Flylife-, which allows the production of second generation vaccines using butterfly larvae.

This business forum is part of the InnoCámaras program, which seeks to foster the competitiveness of the SMEs in the region through innovation. More information of the event click here

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Let’s check the communications sent to MAB during 2013 Q1-Q2

Bionaturis is on its second year after going public in the MAB in January 2012. Our investors can check here the communications sent to MAB during 2013 Q1-Q2.

Financial information:

Informe de Auditoría  y Cuentas Anuales Abreviadas de 2012 


General Meetings

Informe Junta 18 de junio 2013

Presentación Junta General de Socios 2013


Relevant facts

Firma de acuerdo de transferencia de material, 26 junio 2013

Acuerdos Junta General Ordinaria de Accionistas, 18 junio 2013


Binaturis solicita nuevo registro de patente

Composición del Consejo de Administración: cambio Secretario del Consejo

Adecuación plan de negocio a nueva línea BNT DERMOCOSMETICS


BIONATURIS clears the 2012 bar

The company increased its turnover figures and workforce in 2012.
The management team was able to smooth the impact of one time Stock Exchange listing expenses improving net result by 675 k € vs. the submitted original Business Plan.

In a year hit by a serious economic recession, Bionaturis (BNT-MAB) showed consistent growth, improving its results and creating jobs.
 The biotechnology company closed a successful year 2012 marked by important relevant facts like start trading at the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB) in January and the launch in September of a new dermocosmetic business Line (BNT Dermocosmetics). Audited statements show an increase in its sales figures and total income vs. 2011, plus a considerable improvement in yearly net result of 675 k € compared to expectations presented at the Market in January 2012 (DIIM Business Plan).
 As Victor Infante, Bionaturis CEO, mentions, “If I would have to highlight something in 2012 above anything else I would choose our remarkable management capabilities. I refer to being able to smoothen the impact of starting trading in the Stock Market while putting together a new business line. It has been a great piece of a challenge. Our Strategic Plan for Growth has become a tangible reality”.
In its BNT PRODUCTS core business, Bionaturis keeps accomplishing important steps enriching its pipeline and patent portfolio. In this sense, the company has become a reference in oral fish vaccine development for aquaculture as a member of the European Targetfish International consortium and maintains fruitful activities towards licensing at least one vaccine development candidate during the period 2013-2015.
 Regarding its BNT-CDMO business line, the company´s R&D services division, the number of contracts with International corporations and private institutions have increased considerably in line with the pharmaceutical and […]

Jerez, business leadership to attract investors

Cortijo de Ducha welcomed the conference “Jerez, a city of opportunities”, gathering the cream of the financial sector of the “Jerez campiña”. Bionaturis and Carbures, represented by Javier Gallastegui and Carlos Guillén respectively, were invited as two companies successfully implemented in the city, being notorial examples of innovative business model.
In this way, the City of Jerez is positioned as an attractive business environment for entrepreneur activity in the province and elsewhere. A total of 180 attendees were invited to share best practices and experiences to successful entrepreneurship, including joint initiatives between companies.
Sectors as Agro-industrial, Tourism and Technological Innovation were in the spotlight during the conference. Among other speakers, the former sector was represented by Bionaturis, established as a spin-off of the University of Cadiz in 2005, and trading at the Spanish MAB for SMEs seven years later (ticker BNT),. Since then, and thanks to intensive innovation, the company pursues its vision of a “Global access to health”. “Our proprietary FLYLIFE system makes our manufacturing facilities in Jerez de la Frontera reach one of the highest producing capacities of biological drugs in Spain”, stated Javier Gallastegui, manager director of the company.

Bionaturis plans acquisitions and joint ventures, CEO says

Bionaturis, the Spanish biotech company, is planning acquisitions and joint ventures, CEO and majority shareholder Victor Infante said. Infante also said that although the company is already in talks with possible targets, it is interested in receiving approaches from advisers with identified targets.

The executive said that the company is analysing the market in-house; and that it is seeking consolidated businesses related to the pharma and cosmetics sectors, but always connected to biotech. “We are planning to invest up EUR 0.5m in the first acquisition and if everything goes well we could study more deals,” he said.

Infante said that these acquisitions are related to Bionaturis’ Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) business whereby the company manufactures drugs for third parties.

The executive explained that Bionaturis seeks local partners which are able to manufacture drugs, which have good knowledge of regulatory frameworks, and which have a strong sales channel. Bionaturis found the Brazil and Chile partners using in-house resources, Infante said, but added that for the future joint ventures he is interested in receiving approaches.

Bionaturis listed on the Spanish alternative stock market (MAB) in January 2012, Infante explained. He himself still owns a 59% stake and has a five year lock-up period. Bionaturis worked with KPMG as financial advisor and with Bankia as book-runner.

Asked about a possible corporate movement or a merger, the executive said that a lot of corporate deals are happening in the sector and although the company has not foreseen a merger in its business plan, if an opportunity were to arise it would be studied.

“Corporate movement in the sector is there; so saying no to something before knowing it, it is not logical,” Infante said. He added that Bionaturis might go to a deal if […]

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One year after bell-ringing opening day…

Time flies!! Just one year ago Bionaturis had its bell-ringing opening day at Palacio de la Bolsa (Madrid), being the second Andalusian biotech company to trade at the Spanish MAB. To pay a tribute to this amazing event for Bionaturis we would like to share with all of you an unpublished video so far, showing a different angle of that special day. Let us propose a toast to the accomplished milestones and those that are coming.  Cheers

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    Bionaturis to tackle the protection of fish farms with oral vaccines

Bionaturis to tackle the protection of fish farms with oral vaccines

Aquaculture is a booming national industry. The total turnover in Spain alone stands at nearly 500 million euros, where Andalusia with 55 million euros accounts for 11% 
The AQUAFLY project, based on the Bionaturis FLYLIFE production system, will be deployed in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Food Technology and Environmental Sciences, at the Science Faculty of Cadiz University; and CTAQUA (Andalusian Aquaculture Technological Centre Foundation).
Ana de las Heras from Bionaturis, who holds a PhD in Veterinary Science, is the Project leader, an initiative that will last 3 years and is co-funded by Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA).

Jerez de la Frontera, 21 December 2012. Bionaturis, a biotechnological company listing  on the Spanish Alternative Investment Market (MAB), has embarked on the Aquafly project in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Food Technology and Environmental Sciences, at the Science Faculty of Cadiz University; and CTAQUA (Andalusian Aquaculture Technological Centre Foundation).  The project aims to research more efficient vaccination alternatives for farmed fish..
Oral vaccines, a breakthrough for the sector
The idea for the project emerged from the Bionaturis internal aquaculture R&D team after analysing the sector’s needs in the meetings recently held between  international and national producers and veterinary companies. The technical goal is to design  and develop new oral therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines, based on the cutting-edge FLYLIFE production system  (using insect larva as bioreactors to produce biological drugs), which can be used more safety and efficiently to protect against major diseases that currently affect aquaculture. The research programme, which will run for three years, is led by Ana de las Heras, a Bionaturis scientific researcher with a PhD in Veterinary Sciences. This project is being cofunded by Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA).
Importance of the industry: […]

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