Ph.D. Ana de las Heras is coordinating the participation of Bionaturis in Targetfish, the European consortium that is seeking solutions to the most common diseases in aquaculture. The balance after this first year is very positive.

-The research on health for aquaculture is one of the business activities in Bionaturis, what are the main milestones and where does the research head for? What are the next challenges?

Our goal is to offer innovative solutions for the prevention and control of diseases in aquaculture. We are focused on working in different and very important diseases for aquaculture, which, besides, will be useful as model for other ones. We expect to obtain soon the first results of testing new orally formulations in target species.

-In this way, Bionaturis is taking part in the European project Targetfish, that has just turned a year. What´s been the balance so far?

The first year has been very satisfying. Targetfish is a large consortium where most of the main European research groups that are working in immunology, fish pathology and aquaculture are taking part. All our effort is driven to obtain tangible solutions to the main diseases that are affecting European aquaculture. The consortium is very well-headed and there is a great commitment to achieve the set outcomes.

-Why is the research of health in aquaculture so important?

The world population is increasing and needs a first-class protein source. Aquaculture is essential to imbalance and satisfy the growing demand of aquatic products. Nowadays, aquaculture contributes nearly 50% of fish supply for human intake, and it is expected that in 2015 aquaculture will overtake the commercial fishing as main sources of fish protein. The increasing global demand of fish and shellfish, along with the limited capacity of […]