Internationalization, a priority for the Biotech sector in Spain

Asebio 2014 Annual Report, recently published, shows that internationalization is an essential aspect for the Spanish Biotech sector, in particular for more than 90% of the companies. In fact, 88% are developing nowadays an international activity, among them, exportation, research agreements and participation in European programmes. For the companies that haven´t still started any international activity, this issue is their priority in the short term.

Nowadays, 43 of the companies belonged to Asebio have already given the relevant step of setting up outside our borders, reaching 47 countries in the five continents. At the top of these new markets for Spanish companies are USA, Portugal and Germany, though Latin America is also in a good position. The participation in meetings and forums of the sector is a key instrument for the internationalization and the discovery of potential customers, according to the same report.

Bionaturis Group is working to offer alternative solutions for human and animal health because of its field is global. In this way, the internationalization is essential in its business model. The company is nowadays developing its expansion plan, with the setting up of BBD BioPhenix subsidiary in Maryland (USA) and the recent sign of the strategic agreement for its corporate expansion in China. Bionaturis is also working in its growth in Latin America with the firm of Carmelo Angulo.

Besides the physical presence in other countries, another of the favourite ways of the Biotech sector in its international activity is the strategic alliance, both scientific and commercial. During 2014, 97 international alliances of Spanish companies were formalized abroad. In this sense, Bionaturis Group signed last June an agreement with the company Biological Mimetics inc (BMI), located in USA, with the main goal of developing […]

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Biotechnology strengthens its position in Spain

The sales in the sector of the so-called Bioeconomy, has grown from 2.98% GDP (PIB in Spanish) in 2008 to 7.8% in 2012, according to the Asebio report, recently published. Companies stating that biotechnology is their main or only activity –among which Bionaturis is- registered an increase of 10.78% in their sales (8,800 million Euros) and 5% of rise in net employment during 2012, surpassing its own expectations for a year that it has been forecasted very complicated for Spanish economy.

According to Bionaturis’ CEO, Victor Infante, who attended the ASEBIO gala , “apart from the figures that prove that the biotech sector has performed better than others at this time of recession, I´d like to stand out some words heard today such as the need of innovation in all fields, including the relationship with public administrations, patients associations, regulatory authorities, partners at the value chain, with the main goal of seeking sustainability of the health system as a whole; or those promoting to seek talent wherever it is”.

More internationalization

85% of Asebio’s members conducted some international activity in 2013, as Bionaturis did. For the first time since this survey has been done, the associated companies consider LATAM as one of their priority market in their international strategy, specially Mexico (96.67%) and Colombia (95.83%). The European Union (93.24%), Switzerland (90.48%) and USA (88.41%) keep on having a leadership position for international operations.

During 2013, 57 companies and Spanish Organizations from the biotechnological sector (+39% regarding to 2012) signed a total of 108 international business partnerships (+42%).

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Families bet on the Spanish Stock Market

The last report about Property Distribution of quoted Spanish stocks that is made annually by BME reveals that there are more and more families that decide to invest on the Stock Market. Actually, a fourth part of the shares are now in the hands of these investor families, four points more that only a year ago and the highest percentage since nearly a decade.

This rise has been visible since 2008 and has meant a net invest in quoted shares of more than €16,000 million at 2012. Some of the reasons of that trend are the drop of the real-state sector, the downward adjustments of quotations during the crisis or the possibility of choosing the payment in stocks instead of cash.

Bionaturis (ticker BNT) has been quoting at the MAB since January 2012.

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