Bionaturis pushes the MAB in its rise of 2014

Bionaturis, quoting on the Spanish MAB since January 2012, is one of the companies that are contributing to the Spanish Alternative Stock Market to continue getting records in this new year. During the two months and some days sessions of 2014, the MAB has overtaken all the trading volume of 2013 –considered its take off year- with 278.67 million euros.

Bionaturis peaked its maximum ever last 26th February, reaching 11 euros. After the first two months of 2014, the company has also surpassed the whole trading volume of 2013. Nowadays, it’s one of the stock assets with more profitability and liquidity of this specific market made up of small cap enterprises looking to expand.

For this 2014, the company expects an increasing of its annual turnover in more than 400%.

The general trend in the sector, increasing

The biotechnology sector ended 2013 as the most profitable value in the stock market index with 53.96%. The trend keeps growing in the first weeks of the new year.
Opinion leaders say that it is a sector in expansion around the world with strong links in other areas such as agriculture, the environment and energy. In particular, the biotech sector presents technical and scientific conditions adequate to continue capturing investment also in Spain. This trend is having its pair in Spain, where biotech companies that are quoted on the MAB as AB BIOTICS, NEURON, 1NQUEMIA or BIONATURIS have increased their market capitalization value between 30% – 120% in recent months.

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Families bet on the Spanish Stock Market

The last report about Property Distribution of quoted Spanish stocks that is made annually by BME reveals that there are more and more families that decide to invest on the Stock Market. Actually, a fourth part of the shares are now in the hands of these investor families, four points more that only a year ago and the highest percentage since nearly a decade.

This rise has been visible since 2008 and has meant a net invest in quoted shares of more than €16,000 million at 2012. Some of the reasons of that trend are the drop of the real-state sector, the downward adjustments of quotations during the crisis or the possibility of choosing the payment in stocks instead of cash.

Bionaturis (ticker BNT) has been quoting at the MAB since January 2012.

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