It is just two years ago that Bionaturis started quoting on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB). On 26th January, 2012; the managers of the company began the new age ringing the bell at the opening session of its quotation. Since then, Bionaturis has had an exponential growth and the future prospects can’t be better, as our general manager, Javier Gallastegui, states.

-How do you remember the IPO process and Bionaturis’ opening day at MAB?

-My arrival at the company was in a key moment because I started to work at Bionaturis very little time before trading at the MAB, so, the process was already ongoing. About that day, I remember moments of great happiness, with emotion and pride shared with our team, which was there all together. We realized how well-known people both in the industry and the financial sector, among them my closest guests, looked with admiration at such an important milestone we were achieving.  Among them Emilio Moraleda, who joined our Board of Directors shortly after that.

-What has the MAB provided to Bionaturis’ development these two years?

-Apart from the logical contribution as source of capital income, for our development and current position being a transparent trading company for the lens of our multinational customers, our investors and the stock market is very important. The experience and the balance, according to facts and results, can’t be more positive: the company market cap has more than doubled since then and so our multinational clients and product portfolio as well. The future is bright ahead of us.

-How do you describe the current situation of Bionaturis on the MAB?

-With a great strength, and as it’s usual to say in these cases, I am not the person who […]