In the last months, the MAB has been experimenting important progress on key indicators that experts have described as one of its weaknesses since the beginning of this stock market: the lack of liquidity. Two main values have contributed to change that trend in the past year: Carbures and Gowex, reaching daily trade volumes bigger than many companies of the Ibex Small Cap. Recently, other companies such as Ebioss, Ibercom or Bionaturis itself have joined the trend, with a significant increase of its trading volume.

In that way, in the specific case of Bionaturis, the trading volume has growth 1000% during the month of November, reaching at the same time its peak quotation of € 5.80 last 3rd of December, which means a revaluation of 163% since its IPO back in January 2012.

These promising figures means the growing interest of the investor community in the MAB and forecast an outstanding 2014 for the Spanish Alternative Stock Market.