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Biotechnology private investment increases

The biotech sector continues gaining relevance in the Spanish economy, according to the 2015 Asebio Report, recently published. Among the criteria that show this increasing trend, it is worth noting the private R&D investment, that has returned to growth with 3,75% (533.8 million Euros in 2014) after two consecutive years of downturn. This tendency contrasts to the needs of this sector, that requires an increase of the public economic aids for R&D in order to recuperate, at least, the previous levels to 2008.

“The figures of the report confirm that the biotech sector is a cornerstone in the Spanish economy. The growth in the R&D private investment points out that the companies have made a great effort to continue developing and innovating despite the numerous problems. These figures are endorsed internationally by the latest Ernst&Young Report – Beyond Borders- that shows how the global biotech sector reached a record figure of funding until 62,000 million Euros in 2015”, Bionaturis CEO, Victor Infante, has stated.

The invoicing volume is also very relevant considering that it has already reached 10.35% of the Spanish GDP, rubbing shoulders for the first time in the top ranking with other sectors such as Tourism. This indicator has not stopped growing up even during the crisis, period in which, precisely, it has registered a rise of more than 7%. In 2014 the sector overtook the record of 100,000 million Euros of invoicing and created 178,000 jobs (+3%).

The number of biotech companies (high-technology companies completely devoted to the sector, as Bionaturis Group) grew 13.36% in 2014. As in previous reports, the majority of these companies consider that the internationalization is very important for their growth, because of that, the 86% of the companies integrated […]

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Bionaturis Group receives the award by Actualidad Economica Magazine within the ‘Revelation’ category

Bionaturis Group CEO, Victor Infante, received the ‘Revelation Company’ award for the province of Cadiz presented by the Actualidad Economica Magazine on behalf of Bionaturis Group.

The ceremony was attended by all of the companies awarded and was held by the Fundacion Cajasol in Cadiz and chaired by the manager of the national magazine, Miguel Angel Belloso.  Attendees shared a nice moment during the cocktail event held at the end of the ceremony.
These Business Success Awards in the province of Cadiz recognize the outstanding work of companies and business people in their sectors. Bionaturis was recognized for its outstanding growth in its first ten years and for gaining international recognition as a reference in the development of innovative products and services in both Human and Animal Health.  Achievements recognized by the organizers  include a state-of-the art vaccine against leishmaniasis that could become the standard method of prevention and treatment worldwide, U.S. development contracts with the National Institute of Health (NIH), and numerous collaborations with the top international companies in their sector. These awards reveal that the province of Cadiz has one of the ground-breaking development centers of cutting-edge products for Animal Health (both livestock and pets). The company, born as a spin-off of Cadiz University, is listed on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market since 2012 with the ticker BNT, being also a pioneer in this field.


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Bionaturis Group will attend the European Animal Health Investment Forum in London

Bionaturis Group (ticker BNT), a partner of reference for animal health products development, has announced that Mr Victor Infante, CEO of the group, will attend the European Animal Health Investment Forum, held in London. This event, considered one of the most important ones in Europe in Animal Health, will be celebrated next February, 10-11th. The event features networking opportunities with high-profile attendess including investors, c-level excecutives from both multinational and emerging companies, academia, etc..

The matrix company of the Group, Bionaturis, is positioned as a partner of choice for outstanding developments of animal health products, including biological vaccines and drugs, medical feed additives, cosmeceuticals for pets, among others.

About Bionaturis

Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in animal health products development, the biotechnological Group that envisions a global access to health is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (ticker BNT).

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US Allotropic Tech and Bionaturis Group join forces

Bionaturis Group and the US-biotech company Allotropic Tech has signed an agreement to work together in the development of biological products for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, nutritional, and cosmetic industries, among others. Allotropic Tech’s personnel are pioneers in the field of expression systems in insects such as FLYLIFE. 
According to Bionaturis Group’s CEO, Victor Infante, “with this agreement, Bionaturis Group continues adding up strategic alliances and improving its competitiveness. Allotropic’s team is composed of recognized experts at using insects to express difficult to obtain proteins, and therefore, one more value added for our clients and development partners. This agreement will also allow us to broaden our product portfolio”.
Allotropic’s CEO, Robert Balcerzak, has stated “we look forward to collaborating with Bionaturis in advancing the expression of proteins in insects and are particularly excited about drawing on Bionaturis’ worldwide sales presence”.
About Allotropic
Allotropic Tech is located in Baltimore MD USA with facilities located in the mid-Atlantic corridor region. Allotropic Tech has extensive experience supplying recombinant proteins with particular emphasis on supplying proteins to government laboratories, university research departments and corporate R&D departments.
About Bionaturis

The Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in the vaccines research, the biotechnological Group which envisages a global access to health is listed on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (ticker BNT).

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Bionaturis signs a strategic agreement for its corporate expansion in China

As part of the agreement, Bionaturis Group will establish its first subsidiary company in China in the new technological area of Changshu (Jiangsu).

The new technological and industrial area of Changshu has been the one which has relied most on hosting the Spanish biotechnological group.

Bionaturis’ system for the development of biological medicinal products, known as Flylife, will serve as a baseline for the project.

Jerez de la Frontera, July 2nd 2015. Bionaturis Group and the Administrative Committee of Changshu New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone –CNZ- (Jiangsu) – have signed a strategic agreement to host a subsidiary company of the biotechnological Spanish group, which will serve to develop and allocate biotechnological products in the Asian market.

As part of the agreement, within the park Bionaturis Group will have cutting-edge facilities in order to carry out its activities, as well as a diversity of direct incentive programs. In a first phase, facilities of 600 meters squared have been set out, which include a laboratory area and an administrative one. The laboratory area will host, among other services, Bionaturis’ biological medical production system, known as Flylife, and its capacity to develop state-of-the-art vaccines for human and animal health. In the new subsidiary company, the Spanish Group will also have a development department as well as a commercial office.

Currently, Bionaturis Group develops, at different stages, a variety of medicines intended for human health, as well as veterinary products that act or prevent habitual diseases in livestock (poultry, pigs, cattle…), farmed fish and pet animals.

Victor Infante, Chief Executive of Bionaturis Group, believes that “China is and will increasingly be one of the main markets in human and animal health. The commitment of Changshu’s authorities to host Bionaturis Group is a proof […]

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Bionaturis and the US-Biotech company BMI sign an agreement for the jointly development of human and animal vaccines

The goal of this strategic partnership is to join forces to bring to market new and improved biopharmeutical products.

As the first step of this agreement, Bionaturis Group will support the manufacturing development of a first-in-class vaccine to prevent the human common cold.


Jerez, June 18th 2015. Bionaturis Group and Biological Mimetics, Inc., -BMI- (based in Maryland, USA) has started a new strategic collaboration agreement to jointly develop new vaccines for human and animal health applications.

In the context of this agreement Bionaturis Group will use its proprietary FLYLIFE platform for the production of experimental batches of vaccines designed using BMI’s Immune Refocusing Technology (IRT). Specifically, as part of the agreement, Bionaturis Group has begun the works corresponding to the manufacturing proof of concept of a candidate of BMI of a first in man vaccine against Human Rhinovirus, the cause of the common cold as well as primary infant viral pneumonia and its known associations with asthma.

According to the National Center of Health, in the United States there are around 62 million cases annually of common cold with human rhinovirus infection being the culprit for about 35% of them. There are over 100 different types of rhinoviruses, which makes developing a vaccine against rhinoviruses difficult. According to experts, the economic consequences of absenteeism from work, school and primary care services caused by the common cold have an impact, only in the United States economy, between 35 and 40 billion US dollars a year.

The lead of BMI is designed to become the first in man cross serotype vaccine on the market to prevent and/or limit clinical complications from infection. The vaccine is to undergo preclinical and process development and evaluation, carrying out safety, immunogenicity and efficacy trials using […]

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Approved the Bionaturis Group Capital Increase for a maximun of up to 579.129 new shares

The purpose is to finance the Group’s growth through the acquisition of a pharmaceutical laboratory, increasing the integration in the value chain as well as its services portfolio to third parties and the number of international clients.

After the acquisition Bionaturis Group would have a global turnover over €8 Million in the year 2016, with an EBITDA’s operating margin about 30% and employing more than 60 workers, strengthening the Group’s industrial structure.

The Company carried out another capital increase operation last April 2014 for an amount worth of €3 Million with 76% of oversubscription.

Jerez, on June 2, 2015. The Alternative Equity Market (MAB) Governing Body has approved the Document of Capital Increase (Spanish DAM) presented by Bionaturis Group in order to formalize the capital increase operation authorized by its Board of Directors last May, 14 2015. This capital increase aims to stimulate the Company’s growth process by financing the acquisition of the entire capital share of a laboratory that manufactures exclusively to third parties (Contract Manufacturing Organization).

The capital increase, that retains the preferential subscription right, involves the issue of a maximum of up to 579,129 new shares, with the same class and rights, with a par value of €0,05 per share, and a share premium of €6,95 per share. Furthermore, it was agreed to offer the new shares at a ratio of 1 new share for every eight old, free of issue expenses.

Currently the Company has a share capital of €231,651,8 consisting of 4,633,036 shares with a par value of €0,05 per share.

If the increase fully subscribes, the final share capital will be €260,608,25, divided amongst 5,212,165 shares with a par value of €0,05 each one.

The new issued shares will trade in MAB as soon as […]

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Bionaturis Group presents its next milestones in the MedCap Forum

Bionaturis Group takes part in the Small and Medium-Size Companies Forum -MedCap- organized by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) in Madrid on May, 27-28. The Company’s CEO, Victor Infante, is the person in charge of presenting to investors and economic analysts the consolidation of the Group’s business development and the main milestones in the short and medium term: the capital increase, the acquisition of a pharmaceutical lab CMO in Spain, the setting of the Chinese subsidiary, the expansion in Latam and USA, as well as the development of the current business in Bionaturis and BBD BioPhenix.
According to that, it is worth noting that the planned organic and inorganic growth leads to the Group’s further strengthening, which will employ around 60 people and could reach €9,7 million in revenue in 2016. Alongside this acquisition, the remaining operations will contribute to its development, diversification and integration in the value chain.
The Bionaturis Group discovery meeting session for investors and analysts is hold today Wednesday, 27 at 17.30 in the Madrid Stock Exchange headquarters (Palacio de la Bolsa). If you want to read the Relevant Info and the presentation, please, click here.
About the MedCap
The 11th MEDCAP Forum gathers the main Small and Medium Size Companies listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange Market as well as institutional investors, brokers and financial analysts. The program includes both sectorial and general round tables, as well as the possibility of holding ‘One to One’ meetings. The main goal of the event is to stimulate the liquidity and founding of these companies.
About Bionaturis Group
The Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological products and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in the vaccines research, Bionaturis Group closed last exercise with a sales […]

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2005-2015: a decade innovating for your health

The years between 2005 and 2015 have witnessed the birth and growth of Bionaturis Group. Since its foundation as spin-off of the University of Cadiz until the start of their international expansion a few months ago, the company has enjoyed the successes and has learned from the mistakes but certainly it has put innovation at the service of science with the clear goal of providing a global access to a high-performance health.

Since its creation back in 2005 by the PhD in Sciences, Victor Infante, today CEO and chairman, there are several landmarks that stand in the path of this biopharmaceutical company born in the province of Cadiz, such as the beginning of the development of the  FLYLIFE platform in 2008, floating on the alternative stock market (MAB) in 2012, new outstanding contracts with multinational institutions for the development of vaccines and other medicines, and more recently, the beginning of international expansion with the acquisition of other companies and the implementation in other continents.

From having a single employee in 2005, the entrepreneur himself, to employ directly a staff of 30 people with an average age of 36 years of which 45% are PhDs. Every year the company has increased the value created for its shareholders and for society in general, with a steady growth in sales figures, number of jobs, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.. Currently the company has reached a market capitalization value of around 30 million €.

There are many people who in one way or another have participated in these first ten years of life and to all and each one of them we want to share this tenth anniversary. In our timeline you can recall the major milestones achieved to date by Bionaturis. […]

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Bionaturis Group, winner at the Small and Mid-Cap Awards

Bionaturis Group has been recently honored with the first prize at the Small and Mid-Cap Awards, within the ‘Rising Star’ category. These awards are organized by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry (DG ENTR) in collaboration with EuropeanIssuers and FESE (Federation of European Securities Exchanges). Awards sponsored by NASDAQ, EURONEXT, BDO, DEUTSCHE BÖRSE GROUP, IRIS STOCK EXCHANGE, and OSLO BØRS.

Bionaturis Group CEO and founder, Victor Infante, collected the award during a ceremony hold in Brussels.

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