Víctor Infante

“We make possible that innovation reaches more people”

Bionaturis’ CEO and founder, Victor Infante, took part last week in the programme Emprende, by RTVE (24 hours channel), with the journalist Juanma Romero and the branding expert, Maria Millan. The manager stated during the interview: “We bring fresh air to the sector making possible that innovation in biotechnology reaches to most people”.

The business and financial strength of the company, with innovation as a cornerstone for its internationalization plan, are some of the remarkable topics in the interview: “We are making history”.

If you haven’t watch the interview yet, please click here (only in Spanish)

Emprende – 17/07/14

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Juan Juarez buys 5% of Bionaturis and Rafael Contreras increases his position

The strong Bionaturis (BNT. MC) commitment of consolidating its international growth strategy, presence and professionalization in the financial markets has become real with the appointment of Juan Juarez as a Board Member since last June, 30. As part of the operation, Juarez has acquired 5% of the biotech.

Juan Juarez, degree in Laws at Madrid University and in Economics at Madrid-ICADE, Master in Finance from the IE (Madrid) and Master in Financial Markets (Madrid Stock Exchange), besides of being part of management teams in banks and financial entities, is nowadays an executive and founding partner of companies as Privat und Handel Bank Zürich AG, Ad-Hoc Aesores EAFI SA and Juarez & Asociados –Family Office SA. Juarez is also member of the Board of Directors and financial vice-president at Carbures Group and he is considered a key person in the outstanding growth of the company of composite structures, that has already announced its goal of start quoting soon in the continuous market.

The strategic movement is completed with the increase of shareholding position by Rafael Contreras, member of the Boards of Directors of the biotech company since 2011. Rafael Contreras, in a direct and indirect way, increases his ownership up to 7,5%. Contreras is CEO at Carbures Group and is leading its outperforming international expansion.

As it has been published as Relevant Fact, Victor Infante, CEO and Bionaturis main shareholder, has reduced its participation until 43,06%, as a result of the abovementioned movement. About the operation, Victor Infante has stated: “Bionaturis gains unbeatable conditions to fulfill our growth plan. Their track record in Carbures Group has been impressive”.

The exchanged shares shall keep the original lock-up, held to CEO´s shares.


About Carbures

Carbures is an industrial technological group specialized in manufacturing […]

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Bionaturis develops a breakthrough drug for livestock

Bionaturis (ticker BNT-MAB), an international reference company providing biological drugs, has just signed a new collaborative agreement with a multinational company to develop a new product that meets an increasing need of the livestock industry. It is a new first-in-class drug to induce ovulation in livestock prior to artificial insemination.

According to the agreement, Bionaturis will make use of its proprietary system FLYLIFE to develop the product and will also perform efficacy and safety tests in animal models, while the multinational will validate these results in its facilities, performing field trials with the intended specie.

The agreement includes exclusive licensing option rights for the multinational company, which forecasts a minimum potential market of 20-25 USD million for this product.

Victor Infante, Bionaturis’ CEO, commented: “The goal of this collaborative development program is to enable the multinational company to replace the current standard treatment with a safe, cost-effective, scalable recombinant first-in-class solution produced by our technology.”

The new agreement represents another important milestone for Bionaturis in its goal of reaching co-development agreements with large international laboratories and standardize its FLYLIFE platform as reliable alternative system of making cutting-edge medicines.


FLYLIFE platform

FLYLIFE is a revolutionary Plug&Play platform designed to produce cost-effective biological drugs at an industrial scale.

Bionaturis offers product licenses, based on its proprietary FLYLIFE platform, providing partners full support for protein therapeutics and vaccines development. 

Bionaturis shares start quoting in the continuous system on the MAB

Shares of Bionaturis (BNT-MB), an international reference company developing biological drugs, will start quoting from next 23 June in the continuous system instead of fixing (with two auctions per day) on the MAB. So that, Bionaturis’ shares will be available to buy and sell at any moment of each trading session.

It´s a new achievement after its recent increase of capital with 76% of oversubscription. Since its opening session on the MAB, BNT shares price has increased 330%, while the liquidity of the value has increased progressively.

According to Victor Infante, Bionaturis’ CEO, “this is a new milestone on our path in response to what investors were asking for. We have confidence that this measure will allow new qualified stakeholders who understand the business and want to make history with us to be on board. Trading by the continuous system means opening the door to specialized investment funds, both national and abroad, that will contribute to consolidate our growth”.


Bionaturis acquires BBD BIOPHENIX S.L.

Bionaturis (ticker BNT-MAB), an international reference company developing biological drugs, has just acquired the San Sebastian-based company BBD BIOPHENIX S.L (BBD), a leader in state-of-the-art screening systems for drug discovery. With this acquisition Bionaturis incorporates cutting-edge biotech assets to its organic growth, in this case, related to the use of zebra fish models for early determination of drug pharmacological profiles.

BBD is an international leader in the field of using the zebra fish model for drug toxicity and efficacy tests applying the latest technologies such as image analysis and automation. This alternative model improves the cost/effectiveness of preclinical phase for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, petrochemical, agrochemical, and cosmetic companies. BBD has a wide portfolio of big pharma clients, from United States and Europe.

About the acquisition, Victor Infante –Bionaturis´ CEO- states: “This acquisition is important to the growth of Bionaturis, improving its services and clients portfolio at international level, but above all, it means to add talent on board. The intrinsic talent of BBD is a reference of leadership and result-achievement”.

Arantza Muriana, R & D Director and founding partner of BBD BioPhenix comments on the operation: “It will help us meet the goals of market diversification and international expansion marked by the company”. She also highlights the important synergies between the two companies.


Strategic value

It´s a strategic acquisition for Bionaturis to support its growth and international expansion, at the time that contributes to its vision of facilitating industry the drug development process. With this operation, Bionaturis extends its international presence and multinational customers portfolio. For BBD, which will keep its headquarters in San Sebastian, it also represents a great opportunity for the fulfillment of its expansion and diversification plan.



BBD BioPhenix is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that […]

Bionaturis takes part in the MedCap Forum

As previous years Bionaturis (ticker BNT) will take part in the Medium Capitalization Companies Forum, organized by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) that celebrates on 27 and 28 May its tenth edition. This meeting has the aim of  fostering the liquidity and financial standing of these companies that are listed on Spanish Stock Markets.

Our CEO, Víctor Infante, will represent Bionaturis at the  private meetings  with investors that will take place in the Palacio de la Bolsa (Madrid). Infante has stated: “Meetings like these are very useful to keep a direct contact with our current and future investors, and other companies listed on financial markets as well. It´s a good opportunity for the MAB to show off its outstanding progression”.

Besides Bionaturis, the MAB will be represented by other top-perform companies such as Carbures and Gowex, among others.

For further information, please click here

Bionaturis 2013 annual report

Bionaturis (BNT-MAB), an international reference company developing biological drugs, has released the 2013 Annual Report.

Victor Infante, Bionaturis’ CEO, has commented about the results: “The important point here is that our performance supports our strategy. Now the focus is on the internationalization process and to achieve the milestones needed to move forward our BNT programs to the market. We are on the right track. We keep estimations to increase our revenues around 400% this year”.

The 2013 annual report goes over the main milestones achieved during 2013 and the outlook for 2014 and beyond.

Key figures

Revenue for 2013 was €1.75 million as compared to €1.4 million for 2012, an increase of €0.35 million, or 25%. Net sales for 2013 was €0.89 million as compared to €0.44 million for 2012, an increase of 96%.

In 2013 EBITDA was €721 thousand as compared to €-246 thousand for 2012, an increase of €+ 967 thousand. In 2013 Net Result was €473 thousand as compared to €-342 thousand for 2012, an increase of €815 thousand.

Click here to get the full report

Bionaturis fulfilled its 3 million € increase of capital with oversubscription

Bionaturis (BNT-MAB), an international reference company developing biological vaccines, has managed to raise 3.088.687 €, 100% of the recent increase of capital offer. It´s noteworthy that there has been an oversubscription of 76% of the total new issued shares. As a result, 441.241 new shares of a nominal value of 0.05 € each, plus an issue premium of 6.95 € have been subscribed.

It´s important to note that 74% of the final subscription has been issued by old shareholders.

After completing the process, Victor Infante, Bionaturis CEO has stated “from start to finish the whole process has surpassed our expectations. Oversubscription of 76%, the confident of old shareholders and the great potential of the new ones, even the negotiation during the pre-emptive subscription rights in the MAB have been overwhelming. On behalf of all the team we just want to say thank you for trusting in Bionaturis. This proof of confidence encourages us to implement successfully our expansion plan. We will release good news in this sense shortly.”

Purpose of the capital increase

The purpose of the capital increase is to finance the company´s internationalization plan and to undertake further investments.


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At the begining of the new year, let’s go over the main events for Bionaturis during 2013

As it was forecasted in the business plan, 2013 has been full of activity for Bionaturis, with a much than positive balance in a key area for our business model: the relationship with multinational companies. Thus, during last year Bionaturis has released the signing of three contracts with important veterinarian multinational companies to test its vaccines, such as the one intended to prevent the most devastating diseases of salmons, or the unique vaccine that fight helmints infections in livestock. These agreements have confirmed its position as a global supplier of biological vaccines.

This remarkable position was endorsed in September with the organization, along with “Corporation Tecnologica de Andalucia”, of the Biotech Technical Committee. The event, gathering managers of large laboratories and international experts in the field, was part of the Flylife’s gala day, a manufacturing facility showing one of the highest ratio of biological product production by square meter currently in the market.

In the institutional side, we also highlight that the prestigious Forbes magazine in its last March edition named our CEO, Victor Infante, as one of the 25 young businessmen in Spain to be tracked. Later, in October, he was invited to the extraordinary executive committee of the “Confederation Empresarios de Cadiz”, being chaired by in this special occasion by His Royal Highness Prince Felipe de Asturias, where Infante explained to the attendees the principles, mission and vision of Bionaturis.

2013 has also brought striking news for our investors, ending up the year with a +110% of the annual share price and a remarkable increase of the daily trading volume. That situation has led the BNT-MAB titles to be included in different proposals of investment portfolios for 2014 and it is considered one of the […]

Bionaturis celebrates the Entrepeneur’s Day

Bionaturis CEO, Victor Infante, will take part next 13rd December in the eighth edition of ‘Entrepreneur´s Day’ in Andalusia, a meeting for entrepreneurs, business owners and institutions related to business sector that will be hold in Hotel Renacimiento, in Seville. With the slogan ‘Time to undertake a project’, these sessions intend to put in value the people who had a business idea and have developed it successfully.

“The roadmap of the growth: from the lab to the stock market” is the title of the speech that Bionaturis founder will deliver at 12.00 pm within the topic area on business internationalization. Bionaturis, company born in 2005 and located in the Agro-industrial Scientific and Technological Park of Jerez (PCTA), is trading at the Spanish MAB (ticker BNT).

There are some new features in this 2013 edition. Among them, we point out the organization of “one-to-one” meetings between entrepreneurs, the networking area and the entrepreneur’s showcase, where some entrepreneurs will show their products to the public. At the same time, this meeting will be the host of the first Andalucia Emprende Award ceremony.

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