Eduard Punset: “Bionaturis is able to deliver hope throughout innovation”

Bionaturis has been honored by the visit of the well-known lawyer, economist and science writer Eduard Punset, who has known at firsthand how cutting-edge biological drugs can be obtained using butterfly caterpillars as living bioreactors.

The visit has been driven by the CEO and company founder Victor Infante, as well as by the general manager, Javier Gallastegui. The president of the Consejo Social of Cadiz University, Ana Alonso; the deputy President of the Confederacion de Empresarios, José Andrés Santos; and the president of the Asociacion de la Prensa de Cadiz, Libertad Paloma, as well as other guests, have also participated in the visit. They have gone over Bionaturis’ facilities being introduced to the unique features of the FLYLIFE platform, one of the industrial-scale system of biodrug manufacturing  with a highest yield per square meter on the market and an obvious example of disruptive innovation.

Eduard Punset has pointed out the breakthrough technology used in Bionaturis, as well as the innovation environment  refreshing every corner of the company: “I have realised that Bionaturis is able to deliver hope throughout innovation”, the guest has stated. Ana Alonso, has also claimed that “companies like Bionaturis are a reference in its sector and we should be proud that they were born as a spin-off of the University. They are working for and to the world from the Cadiz province ”.

‘Let’s talk about Cadiz with’

This activity is part of the cycle ‘Let’s talk about Cadiz with’, organised by Cadiz University along with Confederacion de Empresarios and Asociacion de la Prensa of Cadiz . After knowing Bionaturis’ activity, Eduard Punset will take part at 10th April in a free-access panel unveiling his valuable vision about the potentialities of Cadiz society, the current economic […]

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Ourofino visits Bionaturis Flylife platform

The Brazilian multinational Ourofino visited last week Bionaturis FLYLIFE manufacturing plant in the Agroindustrial Technological Scientific Park of Jerez (PCTA). Representatives of the Brazilian company knew the details of how FLYLIFE can produce millions of second generation vaccines, particularly suited for the veterinary sector. To date this type of vaccine have not been broadly applied matching the needs of the veterinary sector, but new manufacturing platforms make it possible. Ourofino is currently evaluating alternative production systems as FLYLIFE to achieve leadership positions within the sector.  Ourofino guests were guided by Bionaturis technical staff throughout the plant, knowing in detail the production process of biological active ingredients necessary for vaccines.

Ourofino representatives also participated in the Technical Committee of Biotechnology organized by the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA), in collaboration with Bionaturis.



Bionaturis’ FLYLIFE gala day

About thirty managers belonging to different institutions have visited Bionaturis’  FLYLIFE factory this week. The visit was part of the biotech committee of Corporacion Tecnologica of Andalusia (CTA). Reference people of the biotech sector including members of the Brazilian multinational company Ourofino or Bionaturis’ scientific advisor, professor Vikram Vakharia of Maryland University, among others, have been guided by Bionaturis’ staff to know at first hand how thousands of vaccines can be manufactured in no more than 350 square meters. The secret of Flylife is based on the use of butterfly caterpillars as natural factories to get these cutting-edge vaccines, allowing that more people and producers all over the world may have access to them.

About the visit, Javier Gallastegui -managing director of the company- claims “welcoming these personalities and friends and showing them how we take those vaccines to the world from Jerez is an honor for us”. Nowadays, several multinational companies that work in veterinarian field are evaluating vaccines produced by FLYLIFE technology, representing an outstanding milestone for Spanish Biotechnology.

Juan Jose Infante’s speech

Bionaturis, co-organizer of the committee along with CTA, took part with the conference titled ‘Second Generation Vaccines: Bionaturis’ Strategy’, in which the CSO, Juan Jose Infante, talked about the main vaccines being developed by Bionaturis so far. Infante has pointed out the relevance of the innovation in the research of vaccines and how they are key elements not only to human, but also to animal health in order to control devastating pandemics. A sustainable and more affordable manufacturing and developing process is essential to guarantee a broad access to high-benefit vaccines, something that Bionaturis gets with its platform FLYLIFE.

Corporacion Tecnologica of Andalusia (CTA) is a private foundation promoted by the […]

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