Bionaturis, an international reference company in developing biological vaccines, contributes to recover young talents that had to emigrate out of our borders to start or continue their professional careers.

According to one of the few studies that exist about that, made by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), between 2000 and 2009, 21% of the Spanish PhDs left Spain to work in another country. The grants cost cuttings and the adjustments of employment in research centres and universities have forced the experts to go out of the country. The overall budget in R&D has decreased more than 40% since 2009.

In view of the situation, Bionaturis bets on “Spanish returnees”. Some of them are part of the young and qualified staff of this company based on innovation and research. For example, Begoña Roibas, now Project Manager at Bionaturis, was working in the National University of Seoul during two years before coming back to Spain. Our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Juan Jose Infante, worked also during four years in Washington University (USA). They gained experience abroad and now they´re contributing to the company growth.

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